5 Tips for Choosing Slot Machines for First Time Gamblers

The slot machine gambling community continues to grow, with more and more players trying their luck at these ever-popular games. In the United Kingdom, its contribution to the flourishing gambling sector is undeniable. 

If you are a first-time gambler, Fabio Duarte, an expert on slot machines, listed some tips to help you in your gameplay. Check out his other articles here.

How to Choose Slot Machines

Before choosing a slot machine, you first need to check and be familiar with any gambling laws implemented in your area. 

In the United Kingdom, a person is legally allowed to gamble upon reaching the age of 18. Even then, individuals should only enter gambling institutions that hold a proper license. If you want to know other laws, you should look at the Gambling Act 2005 that governs all forms of gambling. 

After ensuring that you’re following these laws, it’s now time to select your first slot machine.

Take Your Time Before Picking Your Slot Machine

High-tech animations, realistic graphics, and upbeat music attract players to various slot machines. However, it’s not good to play the first slot machine that catches your eyes. 

Instead, take your time to tour the room or website. Observe which machine is the most popular, then find out why. If you’re unsure which slot machine to pick, you can read experts’ opinions about these games on reputable sites. It is always worth considering more options to choose the one that suits you best. Also, not many people know, but you might remember that various slots not on Gamstop are available for UK gamblers. Below, we’ll look at why it’s still worth spending more time choosing a slot.

One fun note to keep in mind, people from Australia and NZ use a different name for slot machines, they call them pokies. That’s why you see so many Australians who love playing pokies online as well.

Understand How Progressive Slots Work

The biggest prizes are tied to progressive jackpots. However, seeing a blinking “progressive jackpot” advertisement should not be your only reason to play that specific slot. You must first understand how progressive machines work. 

Progressive jackpots usually come in minor or significant denominations. The amount of jackpot you can win will depend on how much players put in the game. While hitting big on progressive jackpots will excite you, some slot machines will require you to place the maximum bet per spin. This means you can spend more than you can afford and lose before you can get the chance to win. 

If you have a limited budget, picking progressive machines is not wise. Usually, progressive slot machine games have the lowest RTPs, meaning you don’t have a high chance of winning.

Observe Experienced Slot Players

Watching and taking note of what experienced slot players do will greatly help you in your own game. These experienced players already know the best machines to play with. You can also observe some of their strategies and incorporate them into yours. 

If you’re good with communicating with others, you can even ask them for their advice on playing slots better and even ask them to be your mentor.

Look for Slots With the Best Odds of Winning

Slot games with the highest Return to Player (RTP) have the best odds of winning. RTP is the theoretical percentage that is given back to the player. So, if you want to get a better chance of winning, you need to pick a machine that pays out more than the others. 

You can search for a slot game’s RTP online. You can also check the slot games directly. The RTP of a slot machine game is mentioned somewhere in the game’s description.

Know the Volatility of the Slots

The volatility of slot machines is the risk involved in playing. Slot game’s volatility affects the frequency of your payouts. 

High Volatility Slots

The odds of winning in a slot game with high volatility are small, but the wins are more significant. With the right strategy, these slot games can be more rewarding. However, they are risky because you will need to spend more money to hit a lucky spin. 

If you want to play on slots with high volatility, you need to have enough money to invest in a long gaming session. 

Low Volatility Slots

In a slot game with low volatility, the odds of winning and striking winning combinations when you spin the reels is high. However, low volatility slots offer smaller wins. You can try 3 reel slot machine for practice and have fun. 

While volatility can help you pick the right slot machine, some online casinos don’t place them on the slot machine review details. But it’s easy to figure them out. High volatility slot games offer significant payouts but rare wins. On the other hand, low volatility slot games give payouts often but in smaller amounts. 


It can be challenging for first-time gamblers to choose the slot machines they want to play. But with the tips mentioned above, these new gamblers will be able to better pick a slot machine that’ll be a good fit for their objectives and wants.

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