Winter décor ideas that will transform the look of your balcony

Winter is one of the best times of the year. The Christmas decorations are unique, the air is crisp, and the hot chocolate becomes once again the favourite beverage of anyone. Winter is the season when we are nostalgic as we see Christmas decorations everywhere that instantly put a smile on our faces.

But, to feel the amazing winter vibe in your home, it will be best to bring some Christmas decorations, especially on your balcony. The time when you start decorating depends on the location, as in some areas, the weather turns cooler sooner than in others. Either way, once you start seeing ornaments everywhere in town, this is a sign to decorate your house for winter. 

Here are some winter décor ideas to try on your balcony. 

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Bring in colours

Decorating for winter doesn’t mean you need to completely transform your space, as this can be easily done in simple ways that don’t imply huge costs, like bringing in Christmassy colours such as reds, greens, yellows, silvers and golds. The easiest way to update your balcony for winter is to change your decorative pillows with ones having Christmas details, like Santa Clauses, snow or goblins.

You can also bring in other items like rugs, flowers and blankets for a more cohesive look.

Create a cosy balcony

Winter is the sweater weather, as in this season, we start to dress for the temperature change. Although it is cold outside we can stay warm with the help of blankets and sweaters. And this kind of mood is the perfect one you can replicate on your balcony. You can do this by adding textures and patterns that invoke a cosy vibe, like textured pillows, chunky throws and fuzzy rugs. You can also incorporate patterns that remind you of winter, such as plaid, gingham and wool.

Additionally, you can make your balcony cosier with the help of flowers, which can be planted in beautiful balcony pots that will create a cohesive overall look. 

Decorate your railing

All balconies have a wall space or a railing, which can be the perfect place to add some winter features. You can opt for some garland or string lights to spruce your balcony railing. It is a simple method that will transform the look of your space, and you can set up the new decorations in no time. In this way, you will be able to enjoy the change of the season. 

Opt for plenty of flowers and plants

Updating your general décor is not the only idea you can use to get your balcony ready for winter. For example, flowers and plants are an excellent way to decorate, as you can add new ones when the season changes. In winter, you should focus on yellow, orange and red flowers to be perfect for the Christmas vibes. Make sure you choose suitable flower pots so that your plants will grow healthy and strong. 

Don’t forget about winter scents

Scents are also very important in a house, as they can create a specific mood. An easy way to bring a winter scent is to opt for candles smelling like apple, cinnamon, brown sugar, pumpkin spice, or maple. You can even buy some citronella candles, which will smell amazing and detract bugs from your space. 

Technically, this will not transform the look of your balconies, but smells are also important as they can set the winter mood. 

Celebrate the joyful season with some holiday decoration

Tis the season! Winter is a perfect time for plenty of holidays, and whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas or other festivity, your balcony will look amazing with some fantastic decorations. You can place a Christmas tree, add garlands to your balcony railings, or even set up a nativity scene on your balcony – the options are quite endless.

Dangle some jingle bells

You can decorate your balcony for Christmas with the help of some garlands and jingle bells that will make your patio look festive. Add shiny ornaments, twinkly string lights, and some big red bells to set a Christmassy mood.

Consider a Holiday Tea Table

Winter is the perfect time to drink hot tea, so why not invite a friend to enjoy a hot beverage that will keep you warm in the crispy weather. You can decorate your balcony with simple greens on the railing and a festive touch that will not block the view too much. Moreover, you can place a mini tree in a teacup holder for a festive look and bring out your red and white Christmas mugs for an easy, breezy decorated table for two.

Create a spirited outdoor living room

Although the temperatures drop outside, you can still take advantage of your balcony. You will transform the look with some ornaments, cosy blankets and greenery that will make your balcony your go-to place for evening hot chocolate and morning coffee.

Enclose your balcony to keep it warm

If you want to spend your days on the balcony in the cold weather, using zippable plastic walls, privacy screens and curtains to keep the cold out and the heat in will be good. This process will also be great for safety reasons, as if the balcony is in open air, ice and snow might get into your terrace, and the place can turn into a slippery and dangerous ice zone.

Get a chiminea

Chimineas, or outdoor fireplaces, as they are also known, are great options if you want a warm balcony. It will be better to choose a portable model for a terrace, as it is a more suitable alternative for small spaces. With the help of a chiminea, you will be able to spend time on your balcony in the cold weather and admire the snow flakes from your window view. 

Consider string lights and lanterns

The endless summer days meant you could spend time on your balcony without worrying about lighting. But that is not the case in the winter, as you need to consider some lighting solutions to let you enjoy your time on your balcony. It will be good to have a soft light to create a cosy atmosphere, so decorate with lanterns and string light instead of harsh overhead options.

How do you plan to decorate the balcony this winter? 

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