Why You Should Say Yes to a Used Car

If you are living in an area where a car is a non negotiable, then you would be putting it on your basic needs list. The pandemic has seen more and more people avoid public transport, and that’s not a surprise given the outbreak of COVID. However, a car isn’t always an affordable option for some. Owning a car isn’t just the initial cost of buying one, but the cost of insurance and road tax and keeping it healthy and changing the tires and filling it with fuel and paying any premiums on your insurance if you have a claim.

This can make a car a very expensive purchase, and if you go ahead to buy a brand new car off the lot, then you’re going to expect it to cost even more than that. For some, owning a car is a luxury, but for others it’s a necessity, which means you have to do everything that you can to shave down the cost. Public transportation in your local area may not be as efficient as you’d like it to be, so owning a car is the best option, but why not go for a used car instead of a brand new one? Of course, that shiny car that you can drive off of the forecourt with 0 miles on the odometer is always going to be a big draw, but a used car is going to be a better economy for you if you are looking for a quick run around that is easy to pay for and isn’t going to cost you one of your children to pay for it. Buying a car is not an impulsive decision because it’s actually the second biggest purchase you could make after buying your house. However, you should consider looking at used cars rather than new ones, and here’s why.

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