Why You Should Invest in a Staircase Runner

Stairs and hallways are some of the most neglected areas of the home. Much more busy decorating other areas of the home stairways and halls can feel cold and dingy. However, a staircase runner may be just what these areas need to breathe a little life into these forgotten spaces.

Even when you stop to consider these areas, most people find them difficult to design for. Narrow, lacking natural light, and without a typical centrepiece, the project can seem intimidating. But this is where we give you the secret to where to start and allow those areas to shine.

This is where the hallway and staircase carpet runner come in. Highlighting the stairs with an eye-catching carpet runner will give you the perfect starting point for a design project and make your home stand out.

Aesthetic Appeal.

So why start with the carpet? Most stairs are plain and narrow giving limited ways to draw focus. However, stairs are often underestimated in how grand they can make a home feel. Along with hallways they tie every room of the home together is important; if the living room or kitchen is the heart of the home, these narrow walkways are the veins and arteries that connect everything together.

Stairs allow us to play with vertical space in interior design. Using staircase runners with patterns and colour can highlight the charming angles and geometry that constitute a staircase.

Starting with a carpet runner as your initial building block gives direction and a colour pallet to design from.

The sheer variety in colour and styles available means that you can easily tie different styles between larger spaces together with these walkways.

Noise Dampening.

Another key benefit to using runners on stairs is their noise-dampening effect. Not just useful as a visual component the dampening of sound can make a huge difference to your home life.

Nothing is more frustrating than a member of the family stomping up and down the stairs while everyone else is trying to sleep! Stairs are often hollow, so without some sort of soft covering noise carries within them.

The audible difference that adding carpet to stairs can have is significant. Undoubtedly your sleep schedule will benefit from not being interrupted every time someone you live with needs a late-night snack.

Making Stairs Less Slippery.

If you are a parent or grandparent you will be all too familiar with how clumsy small children can be. Seemingly able to trip over thin air, it is important to childproof your home.

Stairs are a common place for accidents, not just for children but for people of all ages. Stairs that are without a carpet or runner will tend to be more slippery. 

It is impossible to prevent all accidents just by placing a carpet runner on your stairs, but it sure helps reduce risk. 

While on the subject of slippery stairs, it is important to analyse claims that certain carpets can make stairs more slippery. These claims are often made against natural flooring like sisal or seagrass. 

However, these claims are nothing more than myths. Interestingly the myth surrounding these eco-friendly carpet options is sustained due to a reluctance to fit them. Natural flooring is as safe as any other carpet to use as a runner on stairs according to EU standards on slip testing. The extra difficulty in fitting these products compared to regular carpets is what results in carpet installers without expertise discouraging people from buying them. 

Preventing Damage to Stairs.

Exposed staircases may be the style you prefer but they are easy to damage and expensive to repair. Using a carpet or staircase runner will provide a buffer between your stairs and any collision. How many times have you had the task of moving a heavy piece of furniture up and downstairs taking chips of wood out of the stairs and skirting board? 

Damaging a stair runner is nowhere near as expensive as having to replace a stair or fully fitted carpet. Due to the cushioned effect of carpet on stairs, it is less likely that you will damage the flooring even if you do hit it with heavy furniture.


There are many practical and aesthetic reasons why you should consider staircase runners. Next time you are walking through those forgotten areas of your home, consider giving them a little TLC and introducing a new carpet runner.

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