Why Isn’t My House Selling?

Every homeowner dreams of a quick sale when they put their property on the market, but it’s not always that simple. Some homes sell fast, but others take longer to shift. If you’re struggling to sell your home, several factors could be responsible.

Your Asking Price Is Too High

Getting the asking price right is crucial to landing a sale quickly. If your property is out of a potential buyer’s budget, they’re unlikely to view it, or even know it’s on the market. 

Most people set a maximum price when looking at property sites, so if yours is on just over a threshold (for example, £305,000), buyers with a limit of £300,000 won’t see it.

Even if you do get an offer, if it’s for more than the property is worth, things could fall through when the mortgage lender values the property. They also won’t lend if they think your buyer is paying too much.

The best way to get the value right is to research what similar homes have sold in your area and get valuations from at least three local estate agents.  You can find local estate agents like Estate Agents Bangor by searching for your area, and they will have the most experience with local house prices and current selling trends.

The Photos Aren’t Doing Your Home Justice

With more people searching for properties online, photographs play a big role in attracting buyers. It can be hard to be objective about your own home, so get a friend to look at the pictures on your listing and give you some feedback. 

If they don’t think the photos make your home look inviting, or aren’t working hard enough, ask your estate agent whether there are any more images to choose from or whether they could take some new ones. 

You Have Too Much Clutter

Before you start arranging photoshoots or viewings, you should make sure that your home is looking at its best. 

Make sure that every room in the house is brightly lit and clutter-free. Put the toilet seat down, open the curtains, switch on all the lights, fluff up the cushions, and make the beds at the very least. These small touches can make a big difference. 

Key Features Aren’t Mentioned In The Listing

Check that the listing of your property that is online and in your agent’s marketing materials is accurate and highlights the key features of your home. 

Words like garden, garage, parking, freehold, and detached are all popular search terms for online listings, so make sure that they are included in the description if they apply to your property. 

Your Home Disappoints On Viewings

If your property has had a good amount of viewings, but you aren’t viewing any offers, there might be a problem with the way that it is being presented. 

Could the front door with a fresh coat of paint? Is the garden tidy? Has your dog made your home smell bad? Do you have an issue with loud birds nesting in the roof that you haven’t called bird control about? 

Walk around your property and pretend you’re on a viewing to find these issues. Ask your estate agent and friends for their honest opinions about the house. Never overlook the importance of how a property smells, especially if you are a smoker or own any pets. 

Your Estate Agent Isn’t Working Hard Enough

Your estate agent should give you some regular updates on what buyers think of your property and how much interest it is getting online. 

It might also be a good idea to check how well your agent is actually marketing your property to potential buyers. If you have a feeling that there is a problem with what your agent is doing, ask a friend to call the agent, pretend to be a potential buyer with requirements that match your property, and see if the agent mentions your home. 

If they don’t mention your property, you might want to consider switching out agents for someone new. If they do mention your property, ask your friend to book a viewing, and see how hard, or not hard at all, the agent works to sell the property during the viewing itself. If you’re not happy with how they handle a viewing, change agents. 

If you do want to change to a new estate agent, check your contract as you might be bound be a tie-in period and you will also need to take into account the notice period. 

There are lots of reasons why your home might not be selling, even if it is attracting viewings. Spend some time looking into potential problems and find the culprit to get a sale. 

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