Why Ibiza is an Amazing Family Holiday Destination

You might think that Ibiza is associated with partying, bad behaviour and getting drunk. And it’s true, some resorts on the island do cater to the 18-30 party crowd, particularly during the summer. But much of the island of Ibiza is quiet, full of pristine beaches, with local culture and authentic charm, amazing food and plenty of things for families to enjoy. Outside of the summer, you’ll find it quiet and peaceful. I love to visit Ibiza in June or September, when it’s quiet and beautiful, but the weather is still warm and dry. Ibiza is one of my top holiday destinations for families and for very good reasons! Here’s why:

White Sandy Beaches and Turquoise Seas

The beaches of Ibiza are absolutely amazing, with over 200km of coastline, beautiful coastal paths, pine trees, coconuts and creeks to explore. There are many accessible beaches that families with younger children can visit, such as Cala Llonga, which has all the services you might want such as toilets and changing rooms, cafes, playgrounds and pedal boat hire. Many beaches are supervised by lifeguards, which makes it safe for families to swim, whilst others are peaceful and natural, with no amenities, but the advantage of peace and quiet for the kids to run free and experience nature. Every beach really is picture perfect.

Family Hotels

There are plenty of Ibiza family hotels which will offer you somewhere perfect for the family to stay – with white sandy beaches within close walking distance, family pools with activities or slides, kids clubs or babysitters so you can have some time to yourself, and restaurant and food options, or even all inclusive options available that cater to children as well as adults. These hotels have really thought about the type of guest that will be staying, and how they can make the whole happy, from newborns and toddlers, all the way up to teens, parents and even grandparents.

Abundance of Nature

I love it when my family gets to experience nature. Ibiza has an abundance of nature, from tropical plants and swaying coconut trees, to insects, lizards, mammals, birds, fish and more! You can take a boat trip in a glass bottomed boat and see tropical fish swimming directly below you, or even potentially spot a dolphin! You could go on a family trip to Salines National Park and see the famous pink flamingos, or even just walking in the nature near your hotel you are likely to spot an array of birds, and maybe even a unique lizard or two!

Local Culture

Ibiza is a very authentic island, with lots of local charm and flavour. It has a diverse background, being populated by Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs and Spanish people – who all brought their own tradition and culture to the island, which has now merged into a unique Balearic feel. If you like history, local culture and exploring, then you won’t be bored on Ibiza. Ibiza has a strong Catholic history and you’ll see plenty of religious buildings, as well as events and local day to day life still being influenced by the Church. There are churches, cathedrals, forts and towers to visit, many set up high on safe vantage points, offering beautiful views of the whole island. There are historic sites, monuments and museums. But most of all, you’ll find yourself immersed in the local culture just walking through the towns or cities, with Mediterranean food, colourful dress and traditions created from a long and varied history. I personally love taking my family to as much local history and culture as possible, so we can really get a genuine feel for the place we’re visiting.

Easy to get to and travel around

Ibiza is really easy to get to from the UK, with flights from London taking just 2 hours 15 minutes. If you’re travelling with young children, this is an ideal destination to introduce them to flying. No one likes being on a plane for long, but two hours will pass very quickly. There are flights to Ibiza from regional airports all over the UK and across Europe, so you’ll always be able to find a good flight time and price. Once you’re in Ibiza you’ll find that travelling around the island is very family friendly. I personally would rent a car, but you may prefer to get transfers to your hotel, use the public transport network or take a taxi. Ibiza has loads of transport options which will make it easy to travel around the island with the whole family.

As you can see, there are some great reasons to go to Ibiza, and plenty more I haven’t mentioned. I hope you and your family have a fantastic time!

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