Why I love our garden fence

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It’s not every day that you read about someone’s passion for garden fences. It’s also not every day that I talk about my garden fence. Passion might be too big of an emotion but I definitely think highly of my garden fence. Today, I’m going to talk about why I love garden fences and why you should too.

And not just any fence, I love my sturdy and secure garden fence. After having horrible and damaged fences in previous homes which gave me nothing but headaches, I can’t stress enough the importance of having a sturdy and long-lasting fence.

One of the things I’ve done to improve my fence was to install post shoes by Speedy Fixings. These post supports or post shoes are installed on wooden posts of fences or other outdoor structures to add extra stability and support whilst protecting the wooden post from water, insect and fungal damage. But why do I love my garden fence so much?

1. It keeps my home safe.

Home safety and security are high on my list of essential house requirements, and I’m sure you think the same way. By installing a tall and sturdy garden fence on the borders of my house, I can help prevent trespassers from entering my home, or at least my garden space.

2. It keeps my pets out of trouble.

We all know how curious our little pets can be. So, by having a fence in your garden (which is hole-free) it will make sure your pets stay within your house’s parameters, and it will also guarantee that your neighbours’ pets don’t come to visit either.

3. It increases my garden’s privacy.

As Beauty Queen UK comments, “Having a garden fence is one of the easiest ways to add some privacy to your garden.” Whether you live near a busy road and don’t want people looking in or have nosy neighbours, a tall garden fence and some shrubbery will be the perfect solution!

4. It makes my garden’s aesthetics. If you didn’t know that garden fences could be aesthetically pleasing, think again. Garden fences can be a beautiful addition to any garden and can bring together the look of your garden. You might want to give it some shine by glossing it or you might want to give it colour – choose your favourite colour and show off your personality!

Micaela from Stylish London Living shared that she loves dark garden fences and I’m right there with her! Dark garden fences like black garden fences are bold but will make any greenery that you have stand out and will give your garden a modern feel! If you are looking for some garden fence inspiration, browse this article by Real Homes that shares 20 cheap, colourful designs to fence off your patio in style.

5. It has multiple uses.

As You Have to Laugh asks in a recent blog post, “Who said that a garden fence couldn’t be a functional element of your garden?” Garden fences can also be used as vertical storage for your garden elements – lights, plant pots, garden tools and more!

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