Why Having a Registered Business Address Can Help You To Earn Money

Does your business need a registered address? Are you struggling to choose the right location for your business to expand into?

You aren’t alone! As many businesses grow, they need to consider if and when they may need to rent an office space, more so if they are remote workers. It can seem simple to just rent an office cubicle, but that comes with the hassle of needing the office to be nearby, as well as all the hassle that comes with rent!

So, if you are looking for a registered business address, read on, as here, how using virtual office space to save/earn money will be explored!

It Makes A Great Impression

Think logically for a moment; if you were a client looking for a service, which would look better to you? A business that had a registered address in a location like Canary Wharf, London, or one that was located in a residential street?

Undoubtedly, it is the former! If you are looking to make a great first impression with your clients, then having a registered business address can help you to tick that box. Best of all, you can change company address Companies House online, so there is no cost and the impact of the more professional address is immediate!

It Protects Privacy

Do you really want those with whom you do business to know your home address? Probably not! You can save a small fortune in security and potential identity theft by using a virtual office as your business address. Plus, if you have a bad experience with a client, you can leave it in the office and return home without concerns about safety. It may seem extreme, but it is always better to be safe than sorry!

You Can Register It Anywhere

Suppose you are expanding your business from France to the UK. You will need an address in the UK to get mail, and to have a registered address for clients to find. You have the choice of either renting an entire office space, with all the hassle and cost that comes with it, or you can use a virtual office as your registered business address. This will save you money and time and will showcase professionalism to your foreign clients without you even needing to step into the building!

You Can Access Correspondence Anywhere

This part may not be true for all virtual offices, so be sure to check the contract when you are looking to rent the space. 

If you have a registered business address in a virtual office, chances are that you will get documentation sent to this address over your home address. Again, if you are located in another country, this can pose a bit of an issue with data access. Many virtual offices also come with personal assistants and receptionists who oversee the entire space and will be able to email you copies of any letters. This, again, saves money, as you won’t need to pay extra for shipping to your location or waste money with delays!

It’s A Flexible Option

Lastly, when using a virtual office as a registered business address, you can use it as and when you want to. There is no long-term lease that needs to be signed, no minimum requirements and, of course, it is significantly cheaper than renting an entire office.

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