Who Else wants Statement Wallpaper?

When it comes to redecorating our homes, we often pounce onto Pinterest, find a colour scheme we like and search for the perfect shade of paint. But, how many of us turn to wallpaper instinctively? Some of you might not be aware, but statement wallpaper has re-emerged with a vengeance in the past few years. Rest assured. It’s not the type of anaglypta floral wallpaper you’re used to seeing at your nan’s house. It’s big, bold and sexy wallpaper that is a fantastic culmination of colour, pattern and style.

Statement wallpaper is also an easy way to make your home luxurious. Never mind “feature walls” with just a different shade of paint. People are now installing dramatic wall murals to transform their homes and totally wow their family and friends.

From tropical palm leaf patterns to dark floral wallpaper, read on to find out the top 4 statement wallpapers out there today.

1. Palm leaf wallpaper

The tropical jungle look is currently huge in interior design. There’s such an eclectic range available to suit everyone’s tastes. Choose pink jungle patterns, close-up photographs of jungle canopies or watercolour turquoise shaded leaves.

It’s a great way to update the interior of your home, but at the same time, it’s the type of statement wallpaper that will stand the test of time.

The beauty of palm leaf wallpaper is that you don’t have to have white painted surrounding walls. Why not opt for a pale pink or sage green? All you need to do is focus in on one of the shades of colour in the tropical wallpaper and use your judgment on which paint to use. Be brave! You’ll be surprised at your own creativity.

2. On-trend marble wallpaper

One of the other major style statements in current interior design is the marble feature wall. Marbles are abundant with pattern and they hold subtle colours which have a natural flow to them. They are utterly calming and relaxing, making them perfect for the bedroom or lounge. They even look great in the bathroom or kitchen by giving that luxurious Roman marble baths vibe.

Coming in a varied selection of shades, you’re sure to find a marble wallpaper in a colour that already suits your current choice of décor. There’s no need to buy a whole, new lot of furniture just so it matches your wall mural: this will definitely save the pennies.

What’s going to make your bank account smile even more, is that marble effect wallpaper is a much cheaper alternative to actual marble walls! Not only that, but I’m guessing it’s also a much less messy experience as well.

3. Forest and tree wallpaper

If you’re a fan of the outdoors, why not install a forest or tree statement wallpaper? They make fantastic feature walls. Choose from an autumnal forest, snow-dusted trees or enchanted, green woodlands. With whatever forest wall mural you choose, you’ll feel like you own your own secret patch of nature.

When it comes to decorating with your forest or tree wallpaper, find furniture that doesn’t clash with shades of green: rich reds or purples are a big no-no. Keep it subtle and fresh. Find white or natural wooden décor to ensure the main focus is on the lush, green wall mural.

Another bonus of forest and tree wall murals is that they are great for relaxation. Green is said to reduce stress and anxiety, so instead of green paint, why not install a nature wallpaper? Not only that, research has shown that when we are outdoors or even if we see a nature scene, we feel serene and grounded. This makes nature wall murals not only great for the home, but also for businesses. Bring the tension down in the boardroom by surrounding yourself and your colleagues with a lush, green woodland.

4. Dark floral

Another current interior trend that we can relish in is dark floral wallpaper. We’re seeing rich pink and purple flowers set against black, shadowy backdrops. They ooze wistful romances of days gone by. I can’t help thinking of those heart-rendering stories of romance full of tragedy or unrequited love: Heathcliff searching for Cathy on the bleak Yorkshire moors or Juliet taking her own life when she discovers Romeo is dead.

They are utterly romantic, making them fantastic for the bedroom. If you have a pink flowered wall mural, find a pastel pink velvet bed and bedroom chair to match. Not forgetting, a mahogany vintage dressing table and crystal chandelier. Dark florals will really create the perfect, romantic boudoir.

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