When might you need legal aid?

to assist and help those in need. They work with a mantra of wanting to help others and positively impact other people’s lives. There is no one size fits all approach to solicitors, but people sometimes need to realise when they would benefit from speaking to one. Here are some examples of when a legal aid solicitor can help out individuals.

There are a variety of ways to receive legal aid

You are likely to need legal aid if you are having or have family issues and need assistance. Many legal aid solicitors will offer various services and specialise in multiple niches. The most common areas of expertise include family law, domestic abuse and violence issues, care abuse law, and child custody battles. If any of these issues are triggering for you or you suspect you need legal aid, then you should keep on reading to find out whether you would qualify for the relevant help.

Family Law – When you might need help

All families are complicated. The best family law solicitors will be empathetic and experienced in dealing with complex cases. In some family disputes, there are no winners, but the most important thing is getting the best outcome possible. If you have found yourself in a situation where you are trying to figure out what to do, you can consult a team of family law solicitors. They should be able to guide you through the process, offering clarity on what you are entitled to whilst providing compassion when it is most likely needed. It doesn’t have to be specific either; solicitors will often be able to assist in particular areas such as;

  • Divorce
  • Family Finances
  • Child Custody Issues
  • Child arrangement disputes
  • Domestic abuse

Any solicitor who knows what they are doing will understand that it can get very complex when loved ones and children are involved. It will often include sensitive or stressful subjects. Having an experienced legal expert next to you will make you feel more comfortable in trying times and let you know that you are doing the right thing.

Domestic Abuse – How can solicitors help?

Solicitors can help victims who are suffering from domestic abuse. Non-molestation orders are obtainable via family law solicitors, meaning you don’t have to go through the courts to get a restraining order. Although they work slightly differently from a restraining order, the premise is the same.

So, this would be the most common route to go down if you are connected to someone, such as a partner or family member. Aside from divorce and subsequent custody battles, domestic abuse cases are the most common family issues dealt with by solicitors. People often don’t realise they do not need a restraining order to stop someone from harassing or threatening them.

The non-molestation order would also cover all aspects of domestic abuse. For example, if the victim is receiving threatening social media messages, this would be covered under the non-molestation order. If the abuser breaches this order, they could potentially face a criminal conviction. Not all stalkers and domestic abusers will be physical in their threats of violence. Some are more discreet and prefer to hide behind a keyboard when offering threats. A non-molestation order can take all this panic away from the victim without the distressing scenes sometimes seen in a legal court battle.

To find out if you are eligible for legal aid, you can contact any law firm or solicitors, and they will be able to assist you. What you definitely need is evidence of domestic violence or the risk of domestic violence in the case of a non-molestation order, for example.

Dealing with divorce

Solicitors often work with one side of a divorcing couple. It can often be seen that one side of the family will be more affluent and have more assets to protect. However, that does not mean that a spouse is not entitled to any of those assets. Whilst it is only sometimes straightforward, a family solicitor can provide clarity and guide their client through the process.

In cases of divorce, a client may sometimes feel it is not worth it and will accept any settlement or judgement offered. However, the solicitor will know what their client is worth and what is reasonably expected. It is unfair if a spouse cannot afford proper legal representation and the other side can. In this case, it would be very one-sided, and the result might need to be fairer. That’s why legal aid matters so much. A solicitor or lawyer will work their hardest and do their best to ensure their client gets what they deserve.

Are you eligible for legal aid?

Legal aid is a government-funded scheme that helps those most in need and provides representation and advice. It is often used by people suffering at the hands of a domestic abuser or an issue in the workplace that can’t be resolved internally. Legal aid certificates cover legal costs, such as solicitor’s fees, counsel’s fees, court fees, and expert reports. However, legal aid certificates have limitations, such as the type of work covered and the costs. Companies like the National Legal Service can provide much more information on this subject and help you understand if you qualify.

Contact family law solicitors

Contact family law solicitors if you have read this article and think you need legal assistance with a pressing issue at home. Sometimes, a victim will not even realise they are a victim until they have spoken to a close friend of a person in the legal sector. The police will always be able to offer support where they can in the case of threats and violence. Law enforcement and the legal system will work together to ensure everybody is treated equally and victims can have peace of mind.

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