What’s Your Home Missing A Splash Of?

Interior design is very much a personal thing; when it comes to dressing your home up in the right way, you’re going to do so according to your own tastes, no matter what anyone else thinks! But even so, when you take a look around your four walls at the moment, what do you see? Maybe something is missing here or there, and you’re just not sure how to change things around for the better. 

Well, we’ve got some ideas below to try and spark some inspiration for you. Maybe you’ve got some old furniture you’d like to replace, maybe you don’t know what to do about that ‘Grandma’ wallpaper – no matter the problem, it won’t be hard to work out what’s missing, and make sure that in the future, you’re sitting in the living room sipping your coffee in pure comfort! 


Your home needs to reflect your personality, or the collective personality of your family. You need to be able to look around your living space and see you and your loved ones, right down to the mess all over the floor. And in a lot of modern, minimalist homes, this is something that is sorely missing. 

So, you need a splash of personality, and as long as you know who you are and what you like, this won’t be hard at all! Maybe a pop of colour here, or a new pattern there, or maybe a plant or two dressing up those negative corners; if you know what you like in terms of ornaments and set pieces, you can dress up a space to look much more interesting and practical. Even just one bit of wall art is going to draw some more attention, and make your walls much warmer. 


A sophisticated living space is something a lot of us work towards, and hope our living space evokes when people walk into it. However, a splash of sophistication really isn’t as hard to achieve as some people might think it is! After all, you’re just going for hints of luxury, with some subtle changes and one or two statement pieces, and these can be found in any home furniture store, such as Tulip Interiors or any local antique shop.

Indeed, even just moving your TV to hang on a wall bracket, and using it as the focal point of the room will bring your interior together in a sophisticated manner. For other rooms, such as the hallway or the bathroom, hanging a new, big mirror in pride of place to help open the room up will work wonders. Try to pair this with some attached lighting and you’ll have a real posh piece to show off! 

Or even just break out some old furniture that your parents or grandparents left you. Get it upholstered if it’s an old, worn chair set, and then use them at the dinner table. Hang up some old family photos in a wall collage, and make sure the frames have either an oak or gilded finish. Sophistication really is all about the finishing touches! 


And of course, we need to talk about just how cold and empty a space can feel, even when you’re done with fitting all the furniture into it. Because warmth is something that doesn’t happen by accident; it needs to be carefully cultivated to make a space feel cozy and lived in, and like you want to spend so much time nestled in reading a book or spend time with loved ones. 

Maybe you need some more intimate mood lighting? A standing or table lamp will do the trick easy, if you don’t like LED strips around the whole place. Maybe the coffee table is way too empty – a few well used coasters and some fun magazines is an incredibly easy way to dress it up. Or maybe you just don’t have enough cushions on the sofa, and the whole piece looks barren and bare; invest in some more soft furnishings, such as a blanket, and you’ll never want to leave your couch again! 

Do you think your space is missing a splash of something? Anyone’s home can be missing a splash of personality here and a splash of warmth and comfort there, and it can be hard to incorporate sophistication into a space when you’re on a budget! But as long as there’s just a small hint of any of these things, you’ll really bring your interior design together just right. 

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