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What’s at Wiggleys Fun Farm, Bridgend

On our way back from a brief break in Swansea and a visit to Plantasia, we stopped at Wiggleys Fun Farm. This is about 40 minutes outside Cardiff, not far from the town of Bridgend. We paid £6.50 for William (over 90cm), the first adult visiting with a child is free, and the second is £1.50, so just £8 total for the three of us – a very affordable visit.

Indoors you have a small cafe serving basic meals and snacks, with lots of chairs and seating. There are three indoor sections, a small soft play area for under 2s, fully contained and very safe to play in, a small wooden structure area for 2-5 year olds, again, fully contained, so ideal for you to sit and watch whilst you know they can’t disappear, and then a more open very large structure for older children. At four, William found the biggest play structure a little bit daunting, but loved the slides. There are twisty slides as well as a large wave slide.

Outside there’s loads of space to run, more climbing structures and an obstacle course, with something for all ages, and then a few animals that you can feed. The animals are rabbits, a pig, ponies, donkeys and sheep. It’s just a few paddocks, fairly basic, but considering the price I think it offers great value. Animal feed is just 50p a bag.

There’s also a small woodland walk, there’s not really anything super special to see, but my son loves walking through forests and enjoyed collecting sticks. Sometimes the basics are more than adequate, and Wiggleys Fun Farm offers the basics in a clean and safe environment. This is a more traditional, old fashioned sort of play and farm. It’s not as big or as fancy as many of them, so if you want something larger for a special occasion you may want to consider Cefn Mably Farm Park or Raglan Farm Park, my two biggest recommendations for play farms in South Wales. It’s worth noting however that you’ll three times as much for entry into either of those, so Wiggleys is fairly unparalleled for a good value half days play.

There’s no way to book online, it’s just pay on the day, but we were asked for our details for Test and Trace, everyone was feeling masks, the toilets were clean and there were plenty of hand sanitizer stations, so it felt like a safe and responsible visit.

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