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What William Wore at 19 weeks old

What William wore is a silly series showcasing what I’ve been dressing him in this week. I love baby clothes and wish I had the budget to experiment more, but still try to mix and match with some brand names and some supermarket outfits. He grows out of everything so fast!

William is 19 weeks old.

This is “My K – Stripe Dungarees and Bodysuit Set” from the Myleene Klass designer range at Mothercare. It cost £14.

I’m not sure about this outfit – what do you think? I think It’d be a pretty cool wear for an event or party but I’m not going to be dressing him in it on a regular basis, which makes it poor value for money since it won’t get much wear before he grows out of it and since the bodysuit is just plain black, that won’t get much wear either. That’s part of the burden of baby clothes though! I bought this because I wanted to try something different but my husband has made constant jokes about him looking like a chain-gang prisoner which isn’t quite what I was going for! The quality is really good though, and I do like the other pieces from this range, like the next one!

This is “My K – Panda Dungarees and Bodysuit Set” from the Myleene Klass designer range at Mothercare. It cost £15.

This is absolutely one of my favourite pieces I’ve bought for a while, despite it being fairly plain in colour. It’s a smart, but soft and very cuddly grey dungaree with black points and panda face set, with a long sleeved black and white panda bodysuit. The bodysuit is cute and could be matched with other outfits. The only downside is that the straps aren’t that adjustable and as William is still growing into it at 6-9 months size, it can look a little out of place. With it being long pants, it should be nice and warm if he’s still in it for the winter.

I added a dab of colour with some blue and black socks!

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