What skills and qualities do online games develop in children

Children tend to be interested in everything bright and dynamic, and since we live in the era of devices and computer technology, it is not surprising that children are ready to spend many hours playing a popular game.

The only question is whether it is harmful or beneficial, and views vary greatly – it all depends on the progressiveness of the parents – some play with them and make WoW Gold for themselves and their child, while others do not play at all and tend not to encourage such hobbies in their children.

Stereotypes about online games

  1. Games take up a lot of children’s time.

This is not entirely true – and it’s not even about the time spent, but about the benefits that can be received during this period.

Children learn communication when communicating with different players who are not always equal in age.  They learn how to deal with stress in competition for spots and PVP.  They take the lead in forming game groups and train in the conditions of a basic economy, when you need to not only be able to earn WoW Gold, but also spend it wisely, buying only really important items, and not everything in a row.

  1. Games don’t teach you anything.

Online games teach you hard work first of all, because without spending a lot of time and the right efforts, you will not be able to develop your hero into a strong character, a large amount of gold from World of Warcraft and other games, and you will not receive the resources and tools to effectively confront other players.

The main advantages of online games for your children

  1.  Perseverance

This is an extremely important skill that will always be useful in life when learning and obtaining qualified skills that will help you cope well with your responsibilities and not hastily, but correctly perform your task.

Games instill these qualities systematically, because in order to get a lot of cheap WoW gold, you need to find the right location, choose good tactics and constantly and painstakingly destroy important monsters in order to accumulate gold and resources that will strengthen your hero.

The same mechanics are applicable in real life, it’s just that here it’s veiled in a game form.  If your child learns to systematically set goals for himself and work to complete them, as he does when mining World of Warcraft gold, then the chances that he will not succeed in life will tend to zero.

  1. Economy

The ability to understand the principle of money and methods for handling small and large sums should be instilled in children in primary and secondary school, but since this opportunity is not available to everyone, popular online games, which represent a simplified format of the world economy, can also help in learning.

In games, as in life, there are rich, middle class and poor, and which status you will be in will be decided by your gameplay.

You can be persistent and get WoW gold with your own labor, look for various trading schemes and methods, engage in selling and buying, master a valuable profession to make good money in the future.

Children will be able to quickly understand that good and stable income comes through the constant efforts and development of the hero. This can be projected onto real life, when first you need to graduate, get a good education and then earn much more than the middle class.

If you play carelessly, then all the gold earned will not be enough to strengthen your character and the hero will simply wander around without much damage or progress.

You need to be able to save gold and, if possible, invest it to increase your overall income.

For the first time, your child will encounter the laws of the market and the price for their efforts.

For example, you need to spend an hour of real time to extract valuable resources, and it is the cost for which you sell them that will determine the price of your hour’s work.

If you sell too cheaply, then it may seem like all your efforts are futile and will add a desire to earn more for your efforts – this is how the motivation system works for children and adults.

Of course, you will want to get as much gold as possible for your work and this desire will motivate you to look for either more profitable hunting places or more profitable buyers – in real life everything works exactly the same and the sooner the child begins to feel the value of money and effort by personal example upon receiving them, the greater the likelihood that he will be able to succeed in life and will strive for a good job and education to obtain it.

  1. Communication

Online games are built on a communication system, and the sooner you start interacting with other players, the greater your chances of succeeding in the development of your hero.

Players who communicate with each other become friends, join the same guilds, and help each other develop.

Children will be able to go hunting together, participate in PVP and properly interact with other players to get what they want from them.

For example, if your child started the game as a support character, healer, or buffer, then he needs an attacking class to level up and constantly searching for a group and communicating with other players will lead to the fact that your child will learn to easily find a common language with other people who, including older ones. This is an extremely important skill that will allow you not to get lost in any life situation, but contrary to established opinion – it is people who directly influence the success of any person – those who raised him, those who meet him along the path of life and those whom he finds himself.

At first, communication may be difficult – due to internal constraint, or a simple lack of experience in such socialization.

But gradually, the need and desire to absorb interesting content will lead to the fact that children themselves will be drawn to join groups, or form them on their own.

  1. Leadership

Online games encourage all players to show leadership, but do not insist on it if you are not comfortable with it.

Sometimes it’s easier to form a group yourself to go on a raid and choose all the performers yourself than to wait until the appropriate group appears, which is not a fact that will be able to complete the raid.

Children are usually more active in communication and leadership because they do not experience the natural inhibitions that many adults have due to factors affecting self-esteem and expediency.

They are more likely to take risks and persevere, and sometimes they need to defend their point of view, which can lead to the collapse of the group, so this is also stress resistance.

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