What is root canal treatment?

Have you ever heard of root canal treatment? Do you know if you need to get this treatment? Continue reading this guide by Holly House Dental to find out what this type of dental treatment involves and whether or not you require it. 

What is a root canal?

The root canal does not actually represent a treatment. It simply refers to a section of the tooth. It’s in fact the hollow part which contains blood vessels, nerve tissue, and several other cells known as the pulp. Root canal happens to be the name of the dental procedure, but the correct term for it is endodontic therapy, which means inside the tooth. If you have any questions always speak up and ask your dentist, for example dentist Hammersmith, who can tell you more.

What does the root canal treatment process involve?

You shouldn’t find this type of dental treatment really painful. There’s no reason why you should feel true discomfort while the dentist is carrying out the procedure. It’s typically not considered to be any more unpleasant than the process of getting fillings. Your dentist is simply going to be removing bacteria from your root canal. 

What’s more, they usually offer patients local anaesthetics in order to minimise discomfort. After the dentist has removed all of the bacteria, they will be filling the root canal next. Inflamed areas heal naturally and teeth can survive up to 10 years once the procedure is over.  

Do you need to get the root canal treatment?

Consider whether you’re dealing with a loose tooth, experiencing any pain while either eating or drinking something hot or cold, or if you’re in pain when chewing. If you tick any of the previously mentioned boxes, then you could actually have a dental pulp infection. This type of infection will soon be spreading to your root canal. 

You might start to notice that your gum is swollen in the affected tooth area. You may also be experiencing some visible swelling in your cheek or jaw. Another clear symptom of having this infection is the fact that your affected tooth will begin to get darker and darker in colour. If you notice pus coming out of the affected area, then you definitely need to consider taking steps towards recovery. You should keep in mind that although the pain can go away, that doesn’t mean that the tooth is healed. 

Do root canal treatments hurt? 

Root canal treatment should not be painful. It’s one of the treatments that come under the endodontics branch of dentistry, which is concerned with soft tissues and related diseases and injuries. If the professional determines that one of your teeth needs to get the root canal treatment, you shouldn’t panic about it. Know that this decision means that your dentist can actually save your affected tooth without needing to extract it. 

What is the most common cause for tooth root canal infection?

Bacterial growth represents the most common cause of tooth infection. People’s mouths contain harmful bacteria, which can invade the tooth. That will be causing both discomfort and pain. 

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