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Amazing Welsh Names for Boys and Girls and their Meanings

If you’re living in Wales or have a connection with the history of Wales, you may be considering some traditional Welsh names for boys or Welsh names for girls. Even if you don’t have a personal connection to Wales, perhaps you love the romantic, fantastical sound of these names. You might know that the name Bran is trending due to the popularity of Game of Thrones – but did you know that it’s actually a traditional Welsh boys name and means Crow or Raven? You can see where George RR Martin got some inspiration from then!

I’ve included the meanings of these Welsh names so you can see where they originate as well.

Wales is a land of beauty and poetry and I think this is really reflected in these Welsh baby names and their meanings. So I’ve researched and compiled these 50 amazing traditional Welsh baby names for both boys and girls so if you are looking for a Welsh baby name for a boy or girl, I’ve got you covered with these unique, beautiful baby names.

50 Amazing Traditional Welsh Baby Names

My Top 25 Welsh Names for Boys

You’ll notice that traditional male Welsh boys names often have meaning that relate to social status, battle, animals or strong, masculine emotions. These are all classic welsh names for boys, but there are some gentle and animal welsh names that I’ve included as well.

  1. Aeron, meaning battle
  2. Aled, meaning child or offspring
  3. Bran, meaning crow or raven.
  4. Cai, meaning lord
  5. Caden, meaning spirit of battle
  6. Dafydd, meaning David (also Dai)
  7. Dylan, meaning son of the waves, or born near the sea
  8. Gareth, meaning gentle (also Garreth, Garth and Geraint)
  9. Gavyn, meaning white hawk
  10. Glyn, meaning valley
  11. Harri, meaning home ruler
  12. Huw, meaning heart and mind
  13. Idris, meaning ardent lord
  14. Kai, meaning keeper of the keys
  15. Llywelyn, meaning leader
  16. Lloyd, meaning grey-haired
  17. Madoc, meaning champion (also Madog, Madox and Maidoc)
  18. Owen, meaning well born or noble (also Owain)
  19. Rhys, meaning enthusiastic
  20. Sion, meaning God is gracious
  21. Steffan, meaning crown
  22. Taren, meaning thunder (also Tarran)
  23. Tomos, meaning twin
  24. Travers, meaning strong as iron
  25. Wynter, meaning white or fair (also Winsor)

My Top 25 Welsh Baby Girl Names

In contrast to boy’s names, Welsh girl’s names often relate to love, religion, flowers, and other more traditionally feminine emotions and meanings, but there are a lot of Welsh names that can be used by both gender or that can be merged together with other names for new meanings. You could create your own Welsh inspired name by combining different syllables or using the Welsh names for boys and Welsh names for girls together.

  1. Adara, meaning bird catcher
  2. Angharad, meaning much loved
  3. Anwen, meaning very beautiful
  4. Arial, meaning vigorous
  5. Bronwen, meaning white
  6. Caitrin, meaning pure
  7. Carryl, meaning love
  8. Ceri, meaning to love
  9. Efa, meaning life
  10. Elen, meaning light
  11. Enid, meaning quiet woman or soul
  12. Ffion, meaning foxglove
  13. Glenda, meaning pure good
  14. Guinevere, meaning fair lady
  15. Heledd, meaning goodness
  16. Liliwen, meaning white lily (also Lili)
  17. Lilybet, meaning God’s promise
  18. Mabli, meaning loveable
  19. Mari, meaning Mary
  20. Megan, meaning strong
  21. Morgan, meaning bright or dweller by the sea (also Morgana)
  22. Rhiannon, meaning great queen
  23. Seren, meaning star
  24. Vala, meaning chosen
  25. Wyn, meaning fair (also Wynn and Wynne)

What are you favourite Welsh names? Are you looking for a name for a boy or a girl and what’s on your list at the moment? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Reply Steve November 11, 2019 at 9:11 pm

    We’re naming our daughter Angharad.

  • Reply Charlene Owen May 1, 2020 at 11:38 am

    We’ve called our son Rhodri Llywelyn and our daughter is Luned Fflur. Amazed me that they aren’t ever mentioned and very rare names

  • Reply Anne Peters January 20, 2021 at 1:27 pm

    Called my son Elwyn and that is not here either nor is Eithwen.

  • Reply Emily williqms June 8, 2022 at 9:03 pm

    I am doing homework and I have to make a Welsh name for a super hero I’m calling it helps

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