Ways to Add Space to the Family Home

Even if you invest in a property that is big enough for a family, it always seems as though you could do with a little extra space. Whether it’s too many belongings, not enough room to find your own privacy from one another, or if you’re simply planning on adding to your growing family, extra space is always a plus, and there are many great ways you can achieve this.

The Right Design Can Help Make a Room Appear Bigger

Did you know that the colours and design you choose for your home can affect how big or small a space seems? If you are unsure of how you can do this successfully, you can always get advice from professional Painters and Decorators in Croydon. These experts will be able to make it appear like there is more space within your home simply by the use of paint, colours, and design.

Switch to Open Plan Living

Open plan living is so much easier if you’re looking to create a welcoming family space and give your home a larger and more open feel. This is particularly effective for the kitchen and living areas if you’re hoping to make meals and family time a little easier by having one big, communal space that everyone can enjoy.

Convert Your Loft for an Extra Room

If you simply need more rooms than you have in your current property, but you aren’t looking to move into a bigger home on the market, you always have the option of converting your loft space. Loft conversions provide you with an extra useable bedroom or a living space. It also adds significant value to your property should you ever come to sell.

Be sure to consult with a professional like Touchstone Lofts who can plan perfect loft conversions, as you have many options when it comes to converting your loft space, depending on the size and design features you’re looking for.

Declutter Your Space

Clutter is inevitable when you have a growing family, and it can easily pile up if you don’t get on top of it. You may be surprised how much space you actually have in your current property if you just get rid of a few needless belongings and clutter. Take the time to sort through your main rooms and focus only on keeping the items that matter; you can create an abundant amount of extra space by giving away unwanted items, furniture or even clothing to charity or by selling it.

If you’re even more serious about having extra space, consider shifting to a very minimalist lifestyle to keep only your very basic needs within the home and enjoy a cleaner, brighter and more open space.

Think About Extending Outwards

If you have the means, permission and space to do so, extending your property outwards into your outside space will give you a significant amount of extra room. This could be a side extension, such as a kitchen extension or just as an extra living room, or you could opt for a conservatory or garden room if you’re looking for more space to spend close to the outdoors during the warmer months.

All of this will add value and provide extra space at the same time.

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