Versatile Coffee Tables – Choosing the right one for you

The coffee table is one of the accoutrements we tend to take for granted in our homes. It forms the centrepiece of many living rooms and has to wear many hats – from cake and tea cosy to footstool. So it certainly has to be versatile, but one thing it doesn’t have to be is boring.

So, how can you make the most of your coffee table and treat it as a part of your home that perfectly combines function and design? By choosing the right one, of course. But how do you choose the right coffee table for your home? Allow us to elaborate.

Set your budget

Before you even start looking, settle on a price that you can afford because coffee tables can vary in price quite wildly. Of course, you can be a little flexible on the price if you see something you truly love, but don’t go crazy!

Shape up

Think about your living room. How is it arranged, what is the focal point and how many pieces of furniture do you need the coffee table to serve? Also, do you have pets or small children that could bump into the edges? These are all considerations to take into account when choosing the shape of your table.

Size matters

A simple one: If your living room is wide and spacious and your furniture is far apart, opt for a larger coffee table and if it’s small and the furniture is more compact, go for something smaller.

How high?

As a general rule, a coffee table should be around 15-20 inches high if it is to sit comfortably just below the seating position on a conventional sofa. Before selecting the right height for your home, check how low you typically sit on the sofa and lean forward, where your hand comfortably rests is where the top of the table should be.

Material concerns

Wood, glass and metal are the ‘go-to’ materials for most modern coffee tables, with wood comfortably the most common. Go for a material that reflects the tones of your living room and choose a wood that has a solid feel and depth to it. For glass, meanwhile, make sure it’s sturdy enough to handle a god thump!

Function and fashion

Consider what your coffee table will be used for. Will it  need to provide storage or just support? This will almost certainly reflect what style and model you go for. When it comes to fashion, however, things get a little more objective. Thankfully, many online and high-street furniture stores offer a range of options. So, whether you shop at Cox & Cox or Harrods, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Opt for something traditional (fine oak with rustic detailing) or contemporary (sleek metal and glass) and then set about making it your own. And remember, you can always decorate your coffee table as it’s there to use, not to just sit and gather dust.

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