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I always swore I’d never have more than two cats, but somehow I’ve ended up with three, so it’s a busy cat household here. Smudge, our three legged interloper rescue cat who squeezed himself into an already full house, is best friends with my five year old. They follow each other around and I can hear William cackling with glee in the early mornings as they tend to both be the first awake in the house. Luna, a four year old Ragdoll is indifferent to most things in life, other than belly rubs, which must be given upon demand, whilst Dawn, my six year old Snow Bengal watches everything with a lofty aloofness and impressive intelligence. They have incredibly different personalities, but all bring something special and unique to the family.

The one thing my three very different cats have in common is their love of food.

Finding good quality cat food can be challenging. It’s hard to know exactly what to buy, with so many different brands on the market, and so many stories of what’s good and what’s not. I have dry food down all the time, but like to feed wet food twice a day after reading about the benefits. This week I’ve been taste testing (and by that I mean the cats, not me literally!) Untamed Cat food.

Untamed Cat Food is made with whole meats, packed with amino acids for easy digestion, and formulated by vets. It has double the protein of the industry standard, and is available in a wide variety of recipes to suit different tastes, so even fussy cats can’t complain. It’s available on monthly subscription, which means you tell Untamed about your cat including age, weight, allergies and preferences, and you get a custom-built plan to suit you. The food is then delivered straight to your door, packaged in a cat’s favourite thing – a cardboard box, naturally. You can choose the delivery schedule and change it, pause or cancel whenever it suits you.

The price will vary based on your choices, but I’ve found it very competitive and I really like having the confidence of knowing that it’s proper meat and scientifically formulated for my cats. If you’re not sure whether your cats will like the flavours or not, you can purchase a trial box and let them put it to the test themselves!

The first thing I noticed was how tasty it actually looks. I’m not joking! You can immediately see this is real, whole meat. That gave me a lot of initial confidence in the quality.

All three of my cats immediately wolfed down their tins and were eager for more. I’m not sure I could say there was any strong preference flavour wise for Smudge and Luna, but Dawn the Bengal definitely flavoured fish recipes, and knowing that will allow me to tailor that preference and get more fish in my next purchase, but no bowl was left unlicked.

That’s a yes from Dawn.

A yes from Smudge.

And a big lip-licking yes from Luna!

A bit of TMI, but Luna is especially prone to smelly poop. Enough that she can clear a room of cats and humans alike after using the litter tray indoors. Being a Ragdoll she also has long hair which can easily get stuck in poop that’s too wet, resulting in something that neither she, or I, enjoys, the dreaded bum bath. Anyone with a long haired cat will probably be familiar with this! A very pleasant benefit of switching to Untamed Cat Food is that I’ve already noticed an improvement in her poop, it’s much more solid and much less smelly.

I’m really impressed with the quality of the food – and how keen my cats are on it. I also love that Untamed is a small, independent business run by people who genuinely care about the health of our cats and understand how important a good diet is to their health.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Untamed Cat Food and grabbing a trial pack yourself, you can visit their website, or check out their socials on Instagram and Facebook.

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