Tuscany: 5 Tips For Planning An Epic Trip

Many visitors to Italy have the desire to visit Tuscany. And you to come to realise why once you see the sweeping green slopes covered in vineyards, gorgeous houses, and historic towns! So what do you really have to know before making the best road trip ever to this amazing part of Italy? You can use the Vespa tour in Tuscany by Arianna & friends to first hand enjoy the road trip. Check for discounts on the weekly cost as well. There are so many cool and unique places to stay in Tuscany. Below are some of our top travel advice to help you have a successful trip to Tuscany! 

  1. Select The Ideal Travel Month

The ideal time to visit Tuscany in Italy is outside the busiest summer months, similar to many other well-known tourist locations in Europe. There are fewer people and lower temperatures in April and May. Going in June is an excellent idea because this month has many events and festivities.

Additionally, the vineyards are in full bloom after the busiest months of July and August! September and October will still be busy in Tuscany, but you’ll discover that the changing seasons and surrounding scenery will make up for it. Yet you’re guaranteed to enjoy your trip to Tuscany, Italy, no matter what time of year you choose!

  1. Check Out Every Airport In The Area

Florence is ideally situated to serve as the starting point of your Tuscany road trip and is regarded as the “gateway to Tuscany.” There are a lot of other airports you could travel into, though, that would be wiser. Flying into Pisa or perhaps Rome could be more cost-effective and practical, depending on your plan. Even better, you may fly into Bologna and travel quickly by train to reach Florence in about an hour! What you desire to see and do is essentially what determines everything. 

  1. Pre-plan your travels

After choosing your spots, it will be simpler to pick what kind and how many excursions to include in your schedule. The countryside is preferable for farm tours, tastings, and adventures on foot or by bike, but cities are better for shopping and cultural tourism. You can arrange boat cruises, sport fishing activities, and leisurely beach days near the water. Typically, most visitors commit two fatal errors. On the one side, some individuals book a ton of activities because they want to do too much and can’t make it to appointments on time, which causes them to arrive at their destination exhausted. On the other hand, some people believe they can reach here and then choose what to do when it is better to reserve in advance. 

  1. Pick the type of lodgings you want

Young people frequently stay in modest, inexpensive “backpacker” guesthouses in the back alleys of Florence or Siena, where it is simple to meet other tourists in the evening. Luxury lodging at a world-famous hotel, whether in the city or the countryside, is also quite frequent and ideal for honeymooners or people used to a specific level of quality. In the city, the most upscale areas of the historic centre are frequently where you’ll find the best hotels. While in the countryside, staying in a castle is becoming increasingly popular. 

  1. Make your own food

With a little bit of searching, you can dine for less money in Tuscany, but if you have access to a kitchen where you are going, cooking will save you money. Pick up some fantastic pasta, sauce, and fresh Italian bread at the market, and quickly prepare a home-cooked meal for the entire group. 

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