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Having the right luggage can make a huge difference to going on holiday. Whilst we all love a vacation, packing and travelling to our holiday destination can be quite stressful sometimes. First we have to make sure every outfit fits, nothing gets unduly creased or damaged, and then we’ve got to hand our precious cargo over to luggage handlers and hope it survives the journey. Choosing a suitcase from one of the Best Luggage Brands can make a huge difference. It can streamline packing, keep your items safe, give you confidence that your luggage will arrive safely and of course help you look stylish on your journey.

I recently travelled to Norway, taking in the amazing views of the Norwegian fjords, travelling on large boats and small boats, cars and trains, past waterfalls, towering cliffs, through big cities and into tiny village hamlets. The highlight of my week in Norway was a trip to the Loen skylift in Olden, where we got to experience views of the entire Fjords from atop a mountain. Previous to travel I was sent the Check-In Large suitcase from Monos. Monos is a luxury luggage producer that believes in mindful travel, that less is more, that a well-designed premium suitcase can be beautiful in its simplicity. Monos produces timeless classics in both suitcases and bags that can accompany on your journeys all around the world. Next year I’ll be taking my Monos luggage to countries including Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and the USA. I’m so excited!

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The Check-In suitcases are made from Aerospace-grade water-resistant polycarbonate hard shell. At around 10lb for a 30x21x11″ suitcase which I could fit two weeks worth of clothes in, it felt incredibly light. Having a lightweight suitcase is useful both in terms of travelling when there’s a weight limit, such as going on a flight, but also to help manoeuvrability and stamina when having to walk long distances with it. There are six sizes of suitcases, to help you find the Best Cabin Luggage as well as eight standard colours and five limited editions at the time of publication. Monos suitcases are streamlined and simple, but you can still choose the colour that reflects you and your travels, giving it that personal touch. I chose the limited edition colour “Terracotta”, meaning “Baked Earth” in Italian. I love this colour as it’s warm and inviting, reminding me of nature and the earth. It also stands out in a crowd just a little bit, so I can easily identify my luggage.

It’s not only suitcases that Monos have to offer, they also design a variety of bags, suitable for both travel and every day use, from backpacks to duffel bags and even things to help you pack, such as cosmetic and jewelry cases.

I love traveling in the UK and I take a lot of short trips across Wales, England and even Scotland. I think that the UK has an amazing amount of things to offer – in fact, a break close to home can be just as satisfying as a trip away, as long as you can dodge the rain! For overnight and weekend trips I’d like to introduce the Metro Carry-All Duffel. This is a spacious and well designed duffel bag made from ultra-microfibre vegan leather. As someone who cares deeply about the environment and is always looking for ways to switch to both greener and more ethical alternatives, I support leather-alternatives. You might think that vegan leather feels lower in quality, perhaps even thinking it’ll be plasticky in texture – but it’s not at all, it really feels like thick, strong leather-like material and really looks the part too. Like all of Monos’ products, the Carry-All Duffel is well designed, from the separate compartments to the magnetic snaps in the end pockets, to the comfortable and sturdy handles. I really cannot fault it.

Let me know in the comments where you’re planning to travel to next!

Remember, use code WELSHMUM or purchase through my unique link to get 5% off Monos luggage, valid until December 31, 2024. This is not an affiliate link and I do not receive any compensation for you purchasing with my code. Safe and joyful travels!

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