Top tips when choosing the next family car

The staple of our households, the family car is a true workhorse that we rely on day in, day out. 

Through the years, they’ll experience holidays, house moves, growing children and everything in between – to say we share a lot with our cars is an understatement. 

A growing family is cited as one of the most common reasons for people to consider changing their cars, with the increased demands of everyday life adding further strain to the capabilities of our vehicles. 

Whether that’s a desire for more boot space, an extra row of seats or just something more efficient to navigate a cost of living crisis, a growing family can present several challenges when it comes to finding a new car

Upgrading your family vehicle doesn’t need to be difficult, though. If you’re browsing for your next car, whether it’s petrol or an electric car, take a look at some of our top tips. 

What do you need your next family car to do for you? 

Before you can begin thinking about different makes and models, it’s important to determine what your priorities are for your next car. 

It may sound simple, but you need to understand what you would like your next car to do for your family and that will help steer the direction of your car search. 

Are you looking for more boot space to fit prams and pushchairs? If you plan to use the vehicle for regular commutes, fuel efficiency will become a key factor. Outlining these priorities will give your car search some much-needed clarity.

Plan for the future

Life can change in the blink of an eye and before you know it, what is suitable for your family in the short term may not be in two or three years. 

Following the pandemic, many manufacturers have also experienced delays in building and delivering new vehicles. Considering your immediate and long-term future will ensure you stay ahead of the game and minimises the risk of being stung by a long lead time. 

For example, a family of three may only need a hatchback or small SUV right now, but if you have plans to have more children in the future or you’re thinking about adding a family dog into the picture, you might find yourself having to replace that car sooner than you think. 

Car leasing gives you the freedom to change into a brand-new car every two to four years, so you have the flexibility to scale up as and when your family does. 

Not only can you change your car regularly, but you’re also spreading that cost over a set duration for a more affordable and cost-effective driving experience. 

Find the best value by looking past premium brands

Leading brands like Audi and Mercedes-Benz might offer that premium badge, but they may not always be the most practical or budget-friendly option.

At a time where we’re all looking to make our money work that little bit harder for us, take the time to explore different manufacturers that you might have previously overlooked. 

Brands like MG, Kia and even SEAT all offer fantastic family-friendly vehicles that are practical, spacious and often available for a fraction of the cost of their premium rivals. 

Research safety ratings

If you are regularly carrying children onboard, safety will be one of your top priorities – you want a vehicle that will keep your entire family safe.

Every new vehicle is put through rigorous safety tests and procedures to determine how safe they will keep both adult and child passengers in the event of a crash. 

If you have found a vehicle that you think might be suitable, research its Euro NCAP safety score to see how it ranks.

Each vehicle is given is an overall rating out of five stars, the higher the car, the safer it is determined to be. The scores are even broken down into adult and child occupant categories, so you can ensure the vehicle you’re looking at scores highly in both for further peace of mind. 

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