Top Destinations for a Memorable Christmas Cruise Vacation

Spending Christmas on the high seas is one of the most exciting choices for anyone looking to shake up their festive season and spend the holidays doing something different. Whether you are looking for the traditional feeling of a white Christmas or fancy a break from the weather with some winter sun, finding the perfect cruise deal and exploring the world is a wonderful way to spend the season. Here are some top destinations to consider for a holiday cruise vacation. 

Norwegian Fjords, Norway

The Norwegian fjords are one of the most spectacular places on Earth, a truly breathtaking landscape that oozes winter wonder. Surrounded by snow-capped, craggy mountains and vast, frozen glaciers, a cruise through this frosty wilderness is an extraordinary experience, made even more magical by the prospect of the Northern Lights making an electric appearance in the night sky.

Caribbean Islands

Looking to escape the winter chill and enjoy a little Christmas sun, sea, and sand? Pack your bags for the beach and head to the Caribbean for a festive cruise filled with warm weather and vibrant island vibes. Christmas celebrations are excellent across the Caribbean, from St Lucia to Aruba, and you’ll be guaranteed a winning combination of festive cheer, turquoise waters, and white-sand beaches that will blow your mind.

Christmas Markets along the Rhine River, Europe

The traditional Christmas markets of central Europe are about as Christmassy as it gets, and exploring the charming cities of Germany, France, Switzerland, and the Netherlands on a Rhine River cruise is a marvelous way to soak up festive sophistication and elegance. Everywhere you turn you will discover beautiful historic architecture lit up with twinkling lights, as well as gorgeous markets full of handcrafted gifts, seasonal treats, and delicious mulled wine!

Hawaiian Islands

You don’t have to venture too far from home to get an amazing Christmas cruise experience. Head to Hawaii for a tropical holiday season, with each of the Hawaiian islands offering its own unique charm. From the volcanic landscapes of Big Island to the lush greenery of Kauai, a Hawaiian Christmas is a superb experience, filled with laid-back charm and classic island hospitality. 

Antarctica Expedition Cruise

If you long for adventure and exploration, head south for something truly unconventional. Embarking on an expedition cruise to Antarctica is one of the most exciting and thrilling ways to spend the season, a chance to explore one of the most remote and untouched places on the planet, and be one of only a handful of people to celebrate the holiday there! Surrounded by stunning icy landscapes and unique wildlife, you’ll have a unique, special experience in this frozen wilderness. 

New York City, USA

Christmas in New York is an absolute classic. Sailing into New York Harbor gets you started the right way, with extraordinary views of the iconic skyline, before diving into the glitz, glamor, hustle, and bustle of a Big Apple Christmas. From the ice rink in front of the Rockefeller Center to the amazing displays in the windows of Macy’s, there is nothing quite like New York over the festive season!

Amazon River Cruise, Brazil

If you are looking for a Christmas experience high on uniqueness and adventure, then a cruise along the Amazon River in Brazil is for you. The extraordinary biodiversity and the exotic wildlife of the Amazon rainforest make for a truly unusual backdrop for your Christmas celebrations and guarantee an experience you’ll remember for years to come. 

A Christmas cruise is a special experience, a wonderful way to add adventure and exploration to your festive celebrations. Whether you choose to explore the frozen wasteland of Antarctica or relax on a sun-drenched Caribbean beach, the destinations above will help give you a holiday season you’ll never forget. 

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