Top 5 Tips for Starting Your Own Vlog

Nowadays, video blogs—or simply vlogs—are among the most popular forms of content online. This is because vlogs can offer a wide variety of entertainment and informational options to the viewer, giving them freedom to watch whatever they’re in the mood for at the moment. Want to watch something relaxing? Tune in to someone’s travel vlog as they walk around a quiet city. Craving some good food? Check out a vlog of someone trying out local specialties at a foreign destination. Feeling artsy? Find a vlog of someone’s painting process that you can follow along. Whatever it is, someone has probably made a video or two about it.

With all these vlogs around, you may be feeling inspired to start one of your own as well. Not only is it a great way to express yourself, it can even be a side hustle or even a full-time career if you manage to gain a sizable following. Here are some tips to get you started on your vlogging journey:

Decide on a Theme

Successful vlogs are often built over a niche or at least a certain theme. After all, you want to build an audience who will regularly tune in to your posts and that would be a much more difficult task if you have no particular subject matter unifying your content. Keep in mind that potential viewers want to know if the videos you produce will be relevant to their interests or not. Hence, decide early on what your vlog’s theme would be so that you’re able to clearly communicate with your audience what they can look forward to from your channel.

Don’t get too hung up on what you think will sell. Rather, think of what unique experience you can share to your viewers. Perhaps it’s a particular hobby you’re passionate about or your experiences about work. As long as you can convey your interest and love of the subject matter to your audience, then your vlogs will feel more genuine to viewers.

Get the Right Tools and Equipment

As its name implies, a vlog requires you to produce video content—which means you need the right tools and equipment. That said, as a newcomer to the vlogging scene, it’s reasonable that you won’t have any high-end gear at your disposal. Fortunately, you can get started with the basics. A decent video camera or even a smartphone with mid- to high-end video capture capability, a microphone, and editing software can get you all set. If you’re shooting indoors, consider getting a ring light as well for consistent lighting.

From here, you can slowly upgrade to more high-end equipment. You may also want to consider camera rental services if you want access to professional-level gear but don’t have the financial means to invest just yet. This can even be a great way to try out which type of camera you feel most comfortable working with before purchasing one for yourself.

Polish Your Editing Skills

No matter how great your footage is, you still need to edit them properly in order to tell an engaging story for viewers. Apart from knowing which parts of your footage to include into the final cut, editing also involves adding elements like graphics or music to enhance the video. Keep in mind that the way you edit your videos determine how they will come across to your audience. So, make sure all the elements work together to achieve what particular message you want to deliver. For example, a vlog meant to show viewers about a food park should actually showcase the food selection available rather than, say, focus on the travel to get there.

There are many video editing software you can choose from to get you started, though it might be best to watch video tutorials first to see if a certain program has the features you want. Starting off with a simple editing style is perfectly fine, too; you’ll find that your editing technique will eventually improve the more videos you work on.

Always Check What’s Trending

Knowing what’s new and trending in your chosen niche or industry can be a great way to boost your vlog channel or just to give you an idea for your next video in case you get a bit stuck. Is there a new challenge everyone’s been trying out lately or perhaps a new restaurant around the corner that has everyone buzzing? Trends can also refer to time-sensitive events such as holidays or events.

That said, even if you do jump on a trend, be sure that your videos still remain true to your channel’s original branding. This differentiates you from others who are also participating, giving your vlog that unique touch that your viewers won’t find in others. 

Upload Consistently

Getting your viewers to stick around is one of the toughest challenges of being a vlogger. While there are many factors that play into this, one surefire way to do so is by uploading regularly. If your audience knows when they can expect your latest videos, they’re more likely to stay and subscribe. On the more technical side of things, regular uploads help spread your reach and allow you to get recommended to more viewers—both of which then help grow your channel further.

Got a story or hobby you want to share with the world? Then it might be time to consider starting a vlog of your own! With the help of the tips outlined in this article, you’ll be on your way to posting and sharing your first vlog in no time.

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