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Tips for Parents Teaching Their Son/Daughter How to Drive 

When the time comes, teaching your teen to drive can be an important experience and a bonding experience as you help them to develop an important life skill. It is also an experiment that can be notoriously stressful and difficult! With this in mind, this post will offer a few tips for parents looking to teach their son/daughter how to drive.

Get Them Driving Lessons

First, you should find them a reliable driving instructor. You can teach them the basics and help them to practice between lessons, but they should mainly be learning from a qualified professional. 

Dont Neglect Theory

You can sit in the car with them and help to teach the basics, but you should neglect the theory side of driving as this is equally important as practical driving lessons. Strong theory knowledge is important in terms of teaching them traffic laws and identifying potential hazards, which will help them to become a competent and safe driver from the start. Having strong theoretical knowledge is also important in terms of helping them to feel more confident when out on the road (something that many struggle with initially). 

Dont Get Stressed

It is hard, but you need to do your best to avoid getting stressed when sitting in the passenger seat. This will only make them feel more stressed and could easily create a negative atmosphere which will make it hard for learning (and could lead to arguments!). Instead, ensure that you are taking baby steps so that they are never in a dangerous driving situation that could lead to stress. Additionally, give them enough room to learn themselves and be patient with your approach.

Stick to the Instructors Technique

It is hard when you have been driving for many years, but you need to avoid teaching your own techniques and stick to what the instructor is teaching your son/daughter – they will be teaching them the proper technique and how to drive safely. 

Check the Car is Safe

Finally, you should always make sure that the car is safe for them to learn in and in good condition. If teaching in the winter months, it might be a good idea to switch to winter tyres for better grip on the roads. You should also top up the fluids, check that the lights are working,and get the car serviced when due. Additionally, make sure that you have arranged the learner’s driver insurancebefore they get behind the wheel.

Hopefully, the advice in this post will be useful ad help you to teach your son/daughter how to drive and make it a positive experience that brings the two of you closer together. This is an important moment in their life, but it is also one that can cause a great deal of stress for both parties!

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