Time Saving Cleaning Tips for Getting Your Home Spring Cleaned

When the seasons start to change, and the sun starts to make an appearance, it is probably then that you notice that your home needs a spring clean. On average, we can spend up to 10 hours cleaning per week, that is a lot of time to be cleaning, and if you want to spring clean that figure may actually increase. Below are some time saving tips to help you spring clean your home. Not only are they about time saving but they will help you get into a routine that will ensure you never spend an unwarranted amount of time cleaning.

Time Blocking

Cleaning can be overwhelming at times; therefore setting a schedule of time blocks where you concentrate on cleaning in 30 minute chunks is a good way to get through all the jobs you have planned. It also keeps distractions at bay or stops you from checking your social media too!

One Room at a Time

Ensure you clean one room at a time. It can be very easy to go from room to room and do a little bit at a time. However, concentrating on the one room before moving on to the next will help you achieve the goal of cleaning the whole house. When you finish a room, close the door and move on to the next.

Make Use of Technology

Depending on your type of flooring, use technology to help you along. This can be from using your smartphone to set a timer when your 30 minutes chunk is up, to use your notes app to record items you require to buy or using an automatic vacuum cleaner to help you clean up such as Roborock. Technology is a great way of saving you time when it comes to cleaning.

Act Like a Professional Cleaner

This means being organised but it also means use products that work and don’t use products that are cheap and harmful to your skin and your home. This may mean making your own cleaning products or using products which are kind to skin or the environment.

Get Organized

Being organized will save you so much time. Before you start, write a list of the things that you wish to achieve, get your cleaning products and equipment ready and within reach, ensure you are dressed for the occasion and if you wish to, listen to music when cleaning to keep you motivated.

Have Fun

Even though cleaning can be hard work, there’s nothing stopping you from having some fun when doing it. This can be something as simple as listening to music or dancing from one room to the other. This ensures time goes quickly and you will have spring cleaned in no time at all!

These are just some tips to help you save time and effort when you are spring cleaning your home. Remember, if you wish to limit the time spent on big cleans like this, then choosing to do a little cleaning each day will be beneficial.

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