The Reasons Why You Want To Live In Wales

For a relatively small country, Great Britain packs a punch and whether you’re from the U.K. or not, you’ll find that there are endless options across our island when it comes to finding interesting places to live, work and play and none more so than Wales.

Officially “Cymru” in modern Welsh, Wales is located on the Western shores of the U.K and shares a common border with England to the East.  Home to Tom Jones and Dame Shirley Bassey, there are dozens of really good reasons to put Wales on your list when thinking about relocating within Britain or from abroad.


Unlike the more cosmopolitan centres in and around London, Manchester or Glasgow property in Wales presents excellent value for money in stunning locations with easy and reliable transport links to the rest of the country.  With average prices around GBP 185,000 compared with an average price in England of GBP 275,000, for first-time buyers, the country presents many beautiful locations and opportunities.


Now that we are all more or less way more comfortable with technology thanks to our friends at Covid-19 HQ, it is no longer necessary for many of today’s modern and upwardly mobile young people to be tied to a particular location to find work and with rising costs in cities like London, wales present a viable alternative with much lower than national average living costs and property prices.


Leaving behind the bright lights of Cardiff with her charm and urban appeal, the rest of Wales has an astounding amount of natural beauty and history.

Stunning coastlines give way to sweeping valleys and castles that are hundreds of years old.  You won’t have to look too far to find somewhere to visit or something to do.


Wales’ foreign-born population has risen a massive 82% in recent years (granted a large number of those migrants were from the EU), there are still many reasons why foreign workers find living in Wales attractive.  The average annual salary in Wales is around GBP 29,500 and most of the work available to foreigners tends to be in healthcare, logistics, information technology and the services sector.  With a much lower living cost on average than the rest of the United Kingdom, this makes Wales a highly attractive prospect for foreign workers who may not be drawn to living in big cities or are seeking an alternative to living in England.  You may want to start looking for a qualified immigration solicitor.

You’ll find the Welsh some of the most hospitable, charming and warm people in all of the British Isles and making a home here makes both geographical, financial and professional sense. Great schools are abundant all over the country for those with families – or looking to start one.

Far from just being the country that produces fabulous singers, the pristine natural beauty of Wales will delight and surprise every visitor, and if you can manage to learn a few words in Welsh, you’ll find instant rapport with your new friends for life.

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