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The Missing Moon from Clever Champs

Encouraging children to feel engaged with STEM – that’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – from a young age is really important. You might think these subjects sound quite advanced, but there are age appropriate ways of encouraging engagement with STEM even for toddlers and young children. STEM encourages creativity, independent learning, ingenuity, teamwork, experimentation, confidence and more. One of the ways you can start younger children on the path of STEM subjects is reading to them – and that’s when I learned about Clever Champs.

Clever Champs offer personalized, age appropriate stories in the world of science. By personalizing the story, you can engage children even more and activate their imaginations – making them realize these stories apply to them and have them creatively think about what’s going to happen next!

Clever Champs sent me a personalized book to share with William, who is four years old and asked me to share my thoughts about it with my readers. You can choose one or two people to personalize the book with. Although William is an only child, I chose two, and picked his best friend at school. This way he can imagine going on adventures with his friend and it also encourages him to think about teamwork and how he can work together with his friends – as I’m sure you know, four year old’s aren’t always the best at working together! I really liked this option, and William was super excited to read it once he realized. There’s personalization in the characters including gender, skin tone, hair style and eye colour.

Unwrapping our book was very exciting!

The book we chose was The Missing Moon. The Missing Moon from Clever Champs would make a fantastic gift for any occasion. You also have the option to include your own gift inscription at the start of the book making this a wonderful keepsake for birthdays, Christmas or other special occasions.

The Missing Moon feels very high quality in terms of paper and bright, vivid colours. The illustration is very attractive to children, and the story is simple to follow but engaging, interesting and thought-provoking. I won’t spoil the story at all but it’s a good one! The personalization was very well done, it feels very natural in the story. The age guide from Clever Champs is 3 to 6 years old, but I expect William will be reading it himself after he’s six as well, so this is a book that will be enjoyed for many years.

William loves The Missing Moon and is excited to read it time and time again. Check it out for yourself over at Clever Champs.

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