The Greatest Classroom of All: The Benefits of “World Schooling”

Many parents have taken to educating their children at home for a number of reasons. If this is something you have considered but you want to create a more immersive experience, have you thought about world schooling? Worldschooling is classed as using the world as your classroom and educating our children by letting them experience cultures and traditions first-hand. While some say it doesn’t have to involve travel if you are thinking about this approach, what are some of the benefits? 

Many Learning Opportunities

If you have curious children asking lots of questions, you can introduce them to so many new things. Worldschooling means that your children can learn from a wide variety of resources and without any limits, from exploring the Congo to the skyline of Manhattan, there is so much to see and learn! 

Takes You Out of Your Comfort Zone

Many of us want to experience new things, but if we really are going to benefit from travelling, we need to get out of our comfort zones. There are plenty of ways to do this, including going to a far-flung location like New York. Arguably there are so many experiences in New York, you probably wouldn’t need to venture anywhere else, especially when it comes to the many museums! But one of the greatest views of the city is its skyline. The One World Observatory is an amazing way to not just learn about New York and its skyline, but if you really want your children to learn about life and heights are a bit of an issue for you, getting some One World Observatory tickets can be an amazing way too to change your perceptions of so many things in life.

Learning Without a Schedule

Being a world schooler means it’s hard to have any set schedule. This can be beneficial because it opens us up to a world of possibilities. The concept of school hours might not apply to your children anyway, and while the structure is important for children, there are things we miss out on if we go to bed too early. Getting your children up at 4 a.m. to go birdwatching is something that allows your children the opportunity to witness something up close and personal, something they would only see in books if they stayed at home! 

Experiencing Different Languages

One of the best benefits of world schooling is that you can expose your children to a variety of languages. Just by travelling, your children are going to pick up a little bit here and there and it’s going to do wonders for their confidence because they will have to learn how to communicate themselves in a language they don’t know much about, or it will start them on a path to being multilingual

There are plenty of other opportunities for world schooling, but quite possibly one of the biggest benefits is that your children start to appreciate the art of travel. Travel is great for your mental health and your confidence, which is something that can pass on to your children. Worldschooling is certainly a very niche practice and may only be something that you can do every now and again, but the world is the biggest classroom- so surely it’s time for your children to be marked as “present?”

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