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The Busy Mum’s Handbag: The Mary Poppins Guide to Everyday Essentials

Every mum seems to possess that Mary Poppins-esque gift for knowing exactly when and what items she needs for everyday essentials, just as Mary did! Their handbag seems like it can hold everything they could ever need when parenting arises unexpectedly – be it food, hygiene supplies, diapers or whatever else.

Wet Wipes and Hand Sanitiser: The Dynamic Duo

Let’s give our utmost appreciation to wet wipes and hand sanitiser, two essential items in every busy mother’s arsenal. Without these two great solutions, life would be far harder! Wet wipes are a miracle solution to instant cleanliness. From cleaning sticky fingers to wiping down public high chairs, these miracles of wet tissue prove they can make the world (at least a toddler’s world) a cleaner place. Hand sanitiser can be your hero, protecting against invisible dangers that your children encounter on their adventures. Make sure your bag always includes one (they’re like Batman and Robin for busy mums!).

The Lifesaver: A Spare Vape

For mums who have escaped the clutches of traditional cigarettes and moved to the realm of vaping, a spare vape from Vape Locker can be a lifesaver. We don’t encourage smoking; rather we recognize its usefulness – for moms who vape, the value of having an extra device tucked away can help bring stress levels down when tensions flare up; just make sure it stays out of reach from curious little hands so it stays safe when puffing away when times get tough – why shouldn’t moms get some space just for themselves?

Snacks to Prevent Hunger-Buster Meltdowns 

An hangry child can be terrifying; so why not prevent their meltdown before it even starts? Stocking your bag with some snack options – fruit pouches, cereal bars or even some biscuits could help ensure a peaceful shopping trip instead of full-on tantrums at aisle six! A snack that not only tastes good but is toddler approved may just save the day in this busy mum world. And don’t forget a few for yourself.

The Wardrobe Warriors: Spare Clothes

Whilst life with children can often be quite messy, spare clothes should always be an absolute essential in every busy mum’s handbag in case an unexpected spill or accident arises requiring your attention. An extra pair of undergarment for your child and an unblemished T-shirt can turn an embarrassing situation into something much simpler. Don’t forget a lightweight scarf for yourself as well – this versatile accessory serves multiple functions when it comes to fashion, from blanketing a burp cloth or even just accessorising when out with friends for coffee! Your handbag is your dressing room when it comes to parenthood; so stock up now so you’re prepared for whatever acts your little ones throw your way!

Being a busy mum means being prepared for anything that comes your way – including being judged for carrying everything but the kitchen sink in your bag! So when someone asks why you have so many random objects tucked into it, just smile and know that Mary Poppins would approve!

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