The Best Christmas Gifts for Him 2022

It’s time for my recommendations for Christmas Gifts for Him 2022. I’ve scoured the products that are new and trending this year, as well as included a few older personal favourites of mine, to help you find a gift for your partner or husband, a brother or father, or just a male friend. Something here will suit!

If you’re looking to enter the competitions, don’t worry I’ve got you covered. Head to the bottom of the page for three epic prizes.

Food & Drink Gift Ideas

Everyone needs coffee. It’s just a fact. I’ve had the De’Longhi Magnifica Bean to Cup Espresso and Cappuccino Machine for three years now after buying it for my husband. It’s used every single day. Although this is a big buy as a gift, it’s worth the money for any coffee lover and it remains one of the highest reviewed coffee makers on Amazon, so it’s not just me who thinks so!

A coffee gift is always a great idea too, such as this Coffee Enthusiast Hamper, a personalised hamper. It includes Slumber Jack coffee, chocolate coffee beans, coffee whirls, coffee creams, and some delicious shortbread to enjoy with your coffee. Just perfect! If that doesn’t suit, Boutique Gifts has a massive array of gifts so you’re sure to find something, and the ability to have it gift boxed and personalized is absolutely perfect for Christmas.

If coffee isn’t quite your thing, for the wine lover, you’ll find a massive array of options for gifts at Independent Wine UK. Not only do they offer a variety of wines , but you can also have your wine personalised and sent gift boxed, making it ideal for a Christmas gift. I recommend this  Francone Barolo DOCG 2018. It’s an award winning Barolo from cru vineyards in La Morra and Monforte with tasting notes of dried raspberries, violets, cinnamon and dark chocolate. It’s absolutely delicious!

For the spirit drinker I recommend Pull The Pin’s Spiced Rum. You could use this delicious spiced rum in a variety of classic rum cocktails such as a “Dark and Stormy” – that’s rum and ginger beer, or it would really work well in a “Painkiller”. A painkiller is absolutely delicious so here’s the recipe!

Painkiller Cocktail:

  • 100ml Pineapple Juice
  • 50ml Dark Rum
  • 25ml Coconut cream
  • 25ml Orange Juice
  • Dash of nutmeg to taste

This recipe would work especially well with Pull The Pin’s Spiced Rum as the spice will complement the nutmeg and give it that extra full flavour. Try it!

If your gift recipient would prefer a hot beverage, then check out Two Chimps Coffee. They offer freshly roasted and ethically sourced coffee, as well as tea and hot chocolate flakes. Hamster on a Hoover is the blend my husband is drinking right now, which has chocolate, hazelnut and orange notes. It’s very smooth and makes a perfect espresso in our Delonghi Magnifica Bean to Cup, which I featured at the top of the page! There’s loads of blends available, so you’re bound to be able to find the perfect taste, or buy a gift set with a few different flavours.

And to keep your snacks, lunch and picnics cool, this dual layered large, stylish Built Bowery Lunch Bag is perfect! You can easily fit a meal for two in here, along with a drink and snacks, and the lining is extremely thick and thermal, so it’ll either keep your warm food warm, or you cold food cold.

Clothes and Hobbies Gift Ideas

Have a really good think about your loved one. What do they enjoy doing? What do they love? What do they need? If you spend a while considering this, I think you’ll have a few ideas for what to get them. But here are some gift ideas that might help. Who are you buying for, would they find these items fun and useful? Would they put a smile on their face?

Buying clothes for someone can be tricky unless you’re very close to them. I usually reserve clothes for people I know really well, for example a husband or a father. But accessories can be a great gift for anyone. You could consider cufflinks, ties, hats, bags or something like this awesome Gant Belt from Mainline Menswear. Mainline Menswear sell a variety of branded clothing, footwear and accessories, so you’re likely to be able to find something suitable there!

This 256 Tool and Socket Set from Von Haus will be the perfect gift for anyone who’s interested in DIY – whether they’re a beginner or someone more experienced, it has a huge range of very high quality tools. It all comes packaged in a sturdy and safe case, so there’s no more asking “Where’s my hammer?” since everything is contained. This makes it ideal for people who don’t have a huge space for tools as well. If this doesn’t suit, Von Haus have a massive Christmas range so check it out and I’m sure you’ll find the gift you’re looking for.

I love these Ginkgo slippers from Moshulu! Moshulu sell a wide range of men’s slippers, women’s slippers, children’s slippers, boots, shoes, clothing and more. These slippers will keep any man happy, especially with winter coming. They’re warm-lin ed suede full slippers, but there’s a wide range of slippers available to suit every type of foot. Slippers make a very practical and well received gift because everyone loves to slip their feet into something warm and comfortable on a cold winter morning.

And talking about practical, you can of course never go wrong with buying socks for Christmas. It doesn’t have to be a boring gift, you can go for something fun and different. Gone are the days where we all have to wear boring black socks. Quirky and colourful is in! I love this Gift Box from Happy Socks as it’s 4 pairs of comfortable, high quality, colourful socks, that comes gift boxed so perfect for a gift.

Credit: Boxbollen

Box Ball is a fun, social, active gadget that’s suitable for the whole family. I’ve popped it in my men’s gift guide, but to be honest it would be perfect for anyone with a wide age range too. You strap the comfortable belt around your head, and you try to box the ball at the end of the elastic string. It’s silly, it’s fun, it’s challenging, it gets you working out, it’s a little bit of everything, for everyone! The official app which you can connect to a smart TV as well as your phone or tablet, allows you to record your time and hits and lets you compete with people online or just with people in a group at home. This makes it a fun party activity, and a great way to have fun after Christmas dinner!

My final suggestion for a fun Christmas gift is an epic one. Escape Room In A Box contains three different escape rooms, suitable for 3-6 players. You can turn your living room (or any room) into an escape room. You’ll be searching for clues, solving puzzles (there are over 47 puzzles in the box!), and suffering the consequences if you get them wrong! This is such a fun gift for Christmas and it’s an amazing idea for something that family and friends could do together, creating loads of memories too. I really like that the three escape rooms included get gradually more difficult – you can start with Crime, which is easy, Piracy which is intermediate, and if you want a real challenge, you can tackle Hijack, which is hard.

Scroll down to the bottom and you can win this Epic Escapes 3 in 1 Box!

Self Care and Beauty Gift Ideas

I love that more and more men are practicing self care, working on their skin, their beards and their scents. Self care for men is about appreciating themselves, pampering themselves and feeling good – so a gift in this category will definitely be appreciated.

ARRAN Sense of Scotland offer products from beautiful body care, to hygge home fragrance. They have gorgeous gifts for both him and her, but the one that really caught my eyes was the Machrie Men’s Wash Bag. It has a strong masculine design, and comes with Bath & Shower Gel, After Shave Balm, Shave Gel and Soap in ARRAN’s Machrie fragrance. Machrie is is a really crisp, clean and light fragrance, and I think any man would be glad to have it as a gift.

Dolma have been making perfume since 1982, which is the year of all the best things since I was born then. They’re a vegan and cruelty free brand who make both men’s cologne and women’s perfume. Here I’m featuring the Men’s Discovery Set. This is an ideal gift for Christmas this year, because it contains four different 9ml aftershave / cologne scents. Your gift recipient can choose his favourite scent and get a feel for this brand, and it comes with 30% off your next purchase when you buy this discovery set. You can also pick up the Discovery set bundled with a £25 voucher! If you scroll on you can also win this Discovery set, and you can win the corresponding Women’s Discovery Set in my Gift Guide for Her too – so get entering.

Walker & Morland is a company that offers CBD self-care products. All their products use pure CBD isolate containing 0% THC so you get all the good benefits! They offer products like the two featured above, the first is their Recharge Protection CBD Balm. This is a balm that you can put on your skin leaving you feeling soothed and hydrated. The second is Restore Eucalyptus CBD Bath Salts – rock salts, sea salt, eucalyptus leaves and CBD extract, that’s going to be a relaxing bath!

If you’d rather have someone assemble a gift box for you, which makes your life very easy and your gift recipient very happy, then consider D’Lux Gift Boxes. They sell gift boxes suitable for all occasions and have something for everyone, but I particularly want to share the above gift box which is the Large Christmas Spa Gift Box for Him. It contains a variety of products from chocolate, to a face mask and skincare, to a lovely pair of socks! There’s lots of Christmas Gifts to choose from.

Competition Time! Win Win Win!

I’ve got three prizes for you to win on my Men’s Gift Guide, but don’t forget to also hop over to my Women’s Gift Guide where there are three more competitions, and also to my Children’s Gift Guide where there’s a £50 Amazon Voucher up for grabs!

Prize 1: Dolma Men’s Discovery Set

DOLMA Men’s Vegan Cruelty Free Cologne Discovery Box Set

Prize 2: Mega Chocolate Lovers Hamper Gift Box

Mega Chocolate Lovers Hamper Gift Box

Prize 3: Escape Room In A Box

Epic Escapes 3 Escape Rooms In A Box

I hope that you’ve had some good ideas for Christmas Gifts, I’d love to hear in the comments what you’re buying for the men in your life this year, and then don’t forget to head over to my Women’s Gift Guide and my Children’s Gift Guide for more Christmas Gift Ideas – and more competitions!

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    Garmin watch to track his fitness

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    I have 3 men to buy for. Thanks for the great ideas. My youngest son has asked for the hotel chocolat velvetiser.

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    a new engine for his train layout

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      New pants

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    I will be buying chocolates this Christmas

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    I will be buying my husband a sewing machine, since he keeps stealing mine!

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    Slippers, PJs and dressing gown!

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    I’ll be buying. fiance a new PS5 controller as a surprise and some Dior Sauvage afershave!

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    a new satnav

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    Some new socks.

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    Socks and slippers

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    A fitbit and a new wallet

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    Hubby will be having jeans and a jacket – we’re going for practical this year

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    A football shirt

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    Garmin watch

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    Different flavours of Coffee beans

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    dab radio

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