The 5 best gift ideas for Easter

As Easter is rapidly approaching, it is time to start thinking about how to spend this holiday in a very special way with friends and family. Every year we are on the hunt for last-minute gifts and goodies, but for this 2024 it is good not to be unprepared.
From more traditional treats to more fun and personalised ones, here are five delicious Easter gift ideas that are sure to be appreciated.

1. Easter eggs, to always be on the safe side

If you are looking for a gift that is tasty, inviting and loved by all, you can never go wrong with Easter eggs. Indeed, it is one of the best-loved traditions, which appeals to adults and children alike. Perfect gifts are Venchi‘s excellent milk chocolate eggs, which are more classic and suitable even for children, or dare a little more with dark or white chocolate versions. Then there are more unusual eggs, such as those filled with almonds and hazelnuts – sweet or savoury – mini chocolates or gourmet Easter eggs. You can also opt for a wide variety of different flavours and formats to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

2. Boxes of chocolates or chocolate rabbits, for the greedy ones

For those who are chocolate connoisseurs, a box of bonbons is the perfect and most appreciated Easter gift. From truffles to soft cremini, these sweets are a real treat that is impossible to resist. You can opt for traditional confections or for small boxes with little eggs, or even the beautiful chocolate bunnies and chicks in milk or dark chocolate.

3. Egg decoration kit for a family Easter

Easter is also the time for egg hunts, a fun activity that can involve children and adults alike. To celebrate this holiday with the family, it is a good idea to give your loved ones an egg decorating kit. These kits usually include everything needed to turn simple boiled eggs into works of art, including dyes, stickers and brushes. It is a fun way to unleash creativity and add a personal touch to Easter celebrations.

4. Personalised Easter basket to surprise everyone

When the person receiving the gift is a friend or relative with difficult tastes, it is possible to choose to give a personalised Easter basket with various products inside that they might like.
You can also include traditional sweets that everyone usually loves, such as Simnel cake, and painted boiled eggs along with other nice decorations. This gift is sure to be well received as well.

5. Delicious Easter biscuits with royal icing, for those who don’t like chocolate

For a sweet and inviting gift, one can also consider giving a box of Easter biscuits decorated with royal icing, perhaps handmade. To make them, one can opt for shapes reminiscent of Easter, such as eggs, chicks, bunnies, bells or doves. Not only do these sweets look really pretty, but they also taste delicious and are great to bring to the table and share at the end of a festive meal.

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