Ten Reasons to Head to France for Your Next Ski Holiday

Professional skiers who have braved the mountains in every country with snow say that France remains their favourite skiing destination. You are probably wondering why, as we were until we asked for their reasons to head to France each year for a consistently pleasing vacation. This is what they told us about France ski holidays.

A Special Quality

The skiers we spoke to repeatedly called it ‘Je ne sais quoi’ which refers to some indefinable, mysterious quality. It is when everything just comes together perfectly. It is what a person feels when they finally find “the one”. Words cannot capture it. Seeing as the French are known as the lovers of the world, it is not surprising that visitors are delighted by their stay and find something compelling about the country and its people.

Traditional and Old-World Chalets

We have become acclimatised to social distancing and have come to prefer it. Working from home allows us to complete tasks without distractions, rest when we need to, and organise our time effectively. This has become a trend in holiday homes with many preferring the exclusive self-catering chalets that offer a family total privacy and not being forced to mingle in common areas. With vast skiing trails and private instructors, a family can bond in these luxurious, traditional chalets, have fun together, and shut the world out as they are restored.

For others, there is the simplicity and old-world elegance of quaint villages that are great for exploration. There are no vehicles to disturb the peace, giving these places a sense of timelessness. Resorts set up in this atmosphere draw people back time and again.

There are many modern resorts as well, beloved by jet setters and excited new-to-the-sport skiers. There is something for everyone. If you are looking for a ski resort in France, Skiline can help you find the most suitable site for your ski holidays. France boasts more than 350 ski resorts, so it is necessary to speak to an experienced travel guide to find the ones most suited to your current needs. Ski holidays from Skiline are the way to match your particular needs with the available sky resorts. With ten countries to choose from, multiple popular resorts, and numerous ski holiday types, you can ski somewhere new every vacation. 

Best Cuisine and Wines in the World

After skiing, eating is a secondary pleasure for travellers to French resorts. You will get to partake in some of the finest cuisine in the country. Here is a list of national French dishes you can try. You should not leave without tasting these foods along with the recommended wines.

Biggest Skiing Area in the World

France has the most skiing area to offer. The Rhone-Alpes and Les 3 Vallées are perfect examples of the expanses of mountains and snow just waiting to be tackled. Each piste is different, and you can spend a year skiing without ever getting tired of it. The views are astounding, picturesque, stunning, peaceful, eerie… Some more of that famous French ‘Je ne sais quoi’.

You will feel like you can ski on forever, passing one village after another. And you literally can, eventually skiing all the way into Italy or Switzerland. This is not recommended for beginners or law-abiding citizens.

Slopes for All Levels of Skiers

With such vast terrains of mountains and snow, there are slopes to satisfy any level of skier, from novice to professional. The beginners will want to start on very wide, flat slopes. As they gain experience, they will progress to intermediate runs. The expert skier will have no shortage of challenges. About a third of all the slopes are suitable for the first two groups.

Cost Considerations

Lift tickets around the world can be costly. French resorts typically charge half of what skiers pay elsewhere. You can also get a reasonably priced pass that will cover your stay. Considering the views, the cuisine and five-star restaurants, the luxurious chalets, and the apres-ski scene, this is very cost-effective. Resorts hire out equipment so you can save on the costs of purchasing what you need

The Apres-Ski Scene 

There is plenty of nightlife to enjoy after a day on the mountains. You can dance the night away to DJs and live music, watch cabarets and live performance bands, take in a fire show, explore the delicious cuisine of numerous top restaurants, and watch the sun come up at 5 am as you make your way back to your chalet when the night clubs close. And if one bar closes too early? Ski to another one.

The fun starts in the afternoons. So, after a morning ski, lunch, and a few afternoon runs, you can get spruced up for hours and hours of partying. Even if you start to doubt that skiing is your thing, the apres-ski scene will ensure that you have an awesome holiday. This leaves you the morning hours to sleep in and, after a gentle, prolonged awakening, you can explore the countryside and many little villages, dine on some of the best cuisine available worldwide, and slowly make your way back to the party scene.

Reliable Snow

Europe’s highest ski resort reaches 2,300 metres. When you arrive at the topmost point of 3.266 metres in the cable car, you will be able to view the French, Italian, and Swiss Alps. Just imagine! The skiing season lasts from November of one year to May of the next year, a full six months in which the snow is dry and of perfect quality for skiing.

The high altitudes of French ski resorts are responsible for the reliable production of snow and ideal conditions. Most pistes start at 3,000 metres or higher. Villages have heights of around 1,800 metres.

Expert Instructors

Once again, France outdoes other countries by having the most qualified ski instructors around the globe. There are ski schools, and you can also hire local private guides.

A private guide can take you off-piste to some of the longest runs that seem to go on forever. With an English-speaking instructor, you can move from novice to intermediate skier. Or if you just can’t seem to break the barrier from intermediate to expert, there is a teacher who will guide your progress in making the leap.

There are also plenty of instructors for beginners, who can learn in groups or in private.


The Rhone-Alpes is home to French winter sports and has filled this role for over a century. La Clusaz has been operating as a resort since 1907. The best-known of these resorts is Chamonix. In 1924, the first-ever Winter Olympic Games was hosted there. Francois Salomon owned a metalwork business in Annecy, where he made blades. In 1947, he converted his company into a globally famed producer of boots and skis. Old as this history is, the France and skiing partnership is set to last into the unforeseeable future.

You are guaranteed to return from your first skiing trip to France raving about your experiences and how it just has something about it. You will be unable to express all the wonders fully, but you’ll be eagerly awaiting the next vacation when you can go back to skiing in France.

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