Stylish Bathroom Trends

Having a stylish bathroom can truly elevate and transform the rest of your home. After all, the bathroom is where we all spend a lot of our time, so it’s important that it reflects your vision of an ideal bathroom space.

However, it can be difficult to know exactly how to design a stylish bathroom. What kind of tiles should you use, and which colours would complement the items in your bathroom? To give you some inspiration, here are some of the hottest bathroom design trends in 2022.


Monochrome bathrooms never go out of style, making this option a safe bet for those who don’t want to redecorate every few years. Following a simple black or white colour scheme lends your bathroom an air of simplicity, elegance and sophistication, and it’s also really easy to achieve. White bathrooms are a classic option that adds brightness to the entire room, making it seem even larger than it is, but if you want something a bit more different and edgy, then a black bathroom could be right for you. In particular, matte black bathrooms (e.g., matte black taps and modern black shower screens) are extremely trendy right now.

Art Deco

Art Deco is short for the French Arts Decoratifs and came from France in the 1910s, but has flourished across the world for interior decorating. It represents luxury, decadence and glamour. You can easily create Art Deco bathrooms with the addition of some wall art, changing the tiles on the floor or walls, or just adding a touch of art deco accessories. Think marble, gold and gilding, or contrasting black and white features, large mirrors, striking tiles and finishing touches like your taps, drawer handles and bath rails.


Similar to monochrome bathrooms, industrial-style bathrooms are easy to achieve and include a lot of classic shapes and designs. The defining feature of an industrial bathroom is strong, angular lines and a lack of softening elements. Again, matte black details are incredibly popular for this type of bathroom, as dark colours really complement the industrial style. Complete the look with some brass accents to break up the dark colours.

Rounded shapes

If you find the industrial style too harsh, then you could lean towards a softer, more rounded style instead. With this trend, all you need to do is swap angular lines and shapes for smooth, flowing lines throughout your bathroom. A curved freestanding bath or a round countertop basin would be a fantastic addition to your bathroom if you’re hoping to create this style.


These softer, more rounded shapes would pair well with natural features to create an inviting bathroom space. The natural bathroom trend is all about bringing nature into your bathroom through houseplants and natural, earthy tones like green and brown. This style creates a calming, welcoming atmosphere that’s perfect for giving you a spa-style experience in your home.


For those who prefer luxurious bathroom styles, marble bathrooms are a perfect choice. This material creates an air of elegance and sophistication, which is why it’s so popular in 2022. You can opt for a coordinated look with marble flooring, marble wall tiles and marble countertops, or you can just go for marble accents to add an interesting focal point to the room.

LED backlighting

Lighting is a huge part of 2022 bathroom trends. LED lighting is especially popular at the moment thanks to its sleek, modern style. To really amp up the futuristic effect, you can use LED strips as backlighting/accent lighting around your mirrors or even around your shower, as long as the lighting is waterproof.

Are you stuck on how to redecorate your bathroom? Check out these amazing bathroom trends for inspiration!

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