Stay Connected With Your Mum During Lockdown With These Beach Themed Ideas!

Beach Themed Gifts For Mum To Stay Connected During Lockdown

Whenever we’re unsure about something one of the first people we turn to is our Mum, and now more so than ever we need the shoulder of our Mother’s to lean on but, due to the coronavirus pandemic we are prevented from doing so and this doesn’t just affect us though, our Mums will also be feeling isolated and longing to see their offspring throughout the lockdown so one way to keep the spirits high and maintain a connection is through age old process of gifting. We have pulled together this list of gift ideas for Mums who love the beach to help get us through the lockdown and social distancing measures we have adopted.

Nautical Wall Ornament

These beautiful and functional statement pieces bring a real seaside feel to the home, but the beauty of these items doesn’t just lay in the aesthetics as these are also highly functional and useful devices too, with many coming with a thermometer and barometer 

Personalised T Shirt

If you want to get your Mum a gift which is both functional and fashionable, what about a personalised t shirt from Banana Moon. You can choose your desired garment style, then add your own personalisation to the garment and whether you choose an image, logo or text you know your Mum will love her beach themed top!

Beach Canvas Print

This is a great idea to get your Mum if she is longing to be on the beach. We know that it will be unlikely that we get to feel the warm sand on our feet this year so a beach canvas print in the living room really can make your home feel like you are on a beach holiday! What’s great about these is you can choose which beach you want to hang in your home, or you could even use a photograph you took yourself, bringing a beach feel with a sentimental image, which every time your mum sees it she will think about the great memories you made on that holiday.

Ship In A Bottle

These beautifully crafted decorations instantly bring an essence of the seaside into the home, so much so that you can almost feel the sea breeze and you look inside the bottle to check out the meticulous details. These handcrafted ornaments have been around centaury’s and were originally made by sailors whilst at sea using the scrap materials they had. Incredible what bored hands and time can create!

Cocktail Kit

Who doesn’t love a cheeky cocktail on the beach?  If you Mum is a lover of a sunshine tipple, then a cocktail making kit is a great way to bring a little bit of the beach feel into the home, and the garden. You can find a huge variety of

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