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Squeakee Mini Toy Review

Heelie the puppy, Poppy the bunny and Billo the monkey are three adorable new toys in the Squeakee Mini range, inspired by one of Christmas 2020’s hottest toys, Squeakee the Balloon Dog. The Squeakee Mini’s are available from and at just £9.99 they’re a great alternative to chocolate gifts whether it’s for Easter, birthday or Christmas, and affordable enough to collect all three.

We got hands on with Heelie, who is a blue miniature balloon dog. William loved the brightly coloured pup and was super excited to start talking to him.

The Squeakee Minis have three features. If you pat them, they will let out an adorable little squeak. If you blow on their noise they will make inflating sounds and eventually give a POP. Finally, the main feature, if you hit the record button they will record what you say and then play it back to you – helium voice style!

They come with batteries included, but since these can be used for demonstration on the shelf, you might find they need to be replaced. They’re the little watch style LR44 batteries. The age recommendation is five plus and they’re not suitable for under threes. William is four and loved it.

William found this absolutely hilarious and spent ages talking to Heelie and listening to his squeaky voice played back.

As a parent I think these are a lovely little toy. They seem very durable and easily wipe cleaned (ideal for sticky fingered children), with features that will keep the kids entertained, without being annoying for the parents either. I was worried they’d be super loud as many kids toys are, but the volume level is great – not intrusive at all.

If you want to find out more about the Squeakee Minis range, check out this video:

Will you be buying a Squeakee Mini – or collecting all three! – for your family?

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