Seven Must-Have Trends for Women this Autumn/Winter

The world’s most recognisable brands may have just finished revealing their Spring/Summer 2023 forecasts at fashion week, but before we get invested in those trends, let’s take a step back. After a sweltering summer, many of us are beginning to admit that we can’t wait to dig out our Ted Baker jackets and are ready for autumn. So what trends can we expect to dominate the fashion landscape after the summer? Continue reading to find out.

Maximum effort

Maxi dresses for autumn are always a good idea, so let go of any associations with warm days and breezy nights. However, they need a few changes to transition into the autumn months: long sleeves to keep potential gusts of seasonal winds at bay; sweeping silhouettes rather than clingy, body-hugging styles; and layers – always, always layers. If there’s one thing we know for sure, this weather is unpredictable, so always be prepared.

A splash of colour 

Colour-blocking is back in a big way this season after being considered a fashion faux pas. These clothes are loud, bright, and not for the faint of heart. Try mixing warm and cool tones like orange and pink, or stick to cool tones like green and blue for a refreshing twist. While a duo-chrome look is the most popular, incorporating a third or fourth colour into the mix adds complexity to the overall look. Or rather than adding colour to the garments, you could spice things up with a statement hat, bag, or pair of shoes.

Yes, tanks

We sometimes believe that less is more, especially regarding one of the most basic trends for the autumn season: the little white tank top. Designers use house logos to stamp their approval all over wardrobe essentials, but you don’t have to spend a fortune. The basic white tank is available in various fabrics and price points.

Too cool for school 

This season’s preppy trend takes us back to the 1990s, with looks inspired by retro school uniforms. Wear pleated skirts, tartan blazers, and bright jackets with knee-high socks. As seen on the catwalks, the more colour, the better. Green, blue, yellow, and pink will add a pop of colour to your autumn wardrobe.

Something to suit you

Suits are still popular. Still, unlike previous seasons’ oversized cuts, the look for this Autumn/Winter leans toward a slimmer silhouette. Rainbow brights and pastel shades dominated the runways in terms of colour. Pair with heels for a more polished look, or with sneakers for a cool street edge.

Get your coat

The coat is always an autumn staple, but this year it’s a little more slouchy, a little more detailed (embroidery is a huge trend this season), and a lot more tactile. A tweed-style oversized blazer or classic trench will not disappoint for the transition between late summer and early autumn. Its iconic design – defined lapels and belts – has also been translated into woollen styles for a beautifully tailored look.

Loving the leather

This trend reflects the current zeitgeist of female empowerment, in which women are unapologetically allowing themselves to be seen, heard, and felt in ways we’ve never seen before. This trend, which extends far beyond the biker jacket, is about incorporating leather into all aspects of one’s wardrobe. Think cool hardware and elevated combat boots with pants, blazers, crop tops, and dresses.

In conclusion

It’s natural to be excited about the new season, but when it comes to investing in style to update your wardrobe, consider what trends will suit you and work with your existing wardrobe before diving in head-first! If you like a trend but don’t think it’ll work for you, try adjusting the length of an item’s hem or sleeves, or drawing in the waist with a well-placed belt to make it your own. Finally, remember to have fun! Fashion is supposed to be fun, and now we can put on our favourite outfits and go somewhere other than the living room!

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