Self-Care Tips Even Busy Mums Can Benefit From

Every woman needs to take care of herself. Even if you are a busy mum with numerous responsibilities, you still have to find time for yourself. There are many risks if you do not do this, from excessive stress and reaching burnout. Running yourself ragged is also not a particularly good role model to show your children. You are a person in your own right, not a slave to your kids or your responsibilities. Taking time just for you allows you to refocus and prioritise your life. It is not selfish. In fact, it can help you make better decisions for yourself and your family. So, to help you come up with a few ways to practise self-care, here are a few tips.

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Find More Time

A lot of stress in life comes from being up against it for time. In some cases, this can be avoided by being very picky about the things you do. It is not your responsibility to constantly help out at social events or to constantly do this person and that a favour. You need to start saying no and finding more time for yourself. Ir may even mean you have to start declining social events that you know you shouldn’t go to as you simply haven’t got the time. You don’t have to be rude or give up everything. Just become pickier about what you choose to do. This ensures that everything you do has value. 


If you have never meditated before, then you are unaware of the benefits. All you need is five or ten minutes of time where you will be alone and undisturbed, meaning switch that phone on silent. There are so many benefits accosted with meditation from reducing stress to helping you develop better emotional health. It allows you to live in the now and realise what is important in your life. It may be able to help you remove the things that no longer add value, such as people and things. And because you only need a few minutes to gain the benefit, it is relatively easy for a Mum to do.    

Eat Better

If you fuel on a lot of sugary and fatty food and drink coffee way beyond lunchtime, then it is time you reassessed your diet. Surgery foods offer an immediate high, but their benefit wanes very quickly, meaning that you need another hit to stay alert. This is a no-win game. Eventually, you will need more and more to get the same effect, and this can lead to obesity, diabetes and other illnesses. Eating better starts in the supermarket. Why not involve the children in choosing beautiful fruits and vegetables which they would like to try. You can even enlist them in helping in the kitchen. This can help you promote healthy eating to your children too.

Drink More Water   

Believe it or not, there is a huge problem with dehydration in first world countries, with as many as 75% of Americans being dehydrated. Dehydration can cause so many issues, from stress to causing the body to work overtime. If you want more energy and to feel a lot better, then start drinking more water. It can reduce our instances of headaches to increasing your energy levels and p[hysicval performance. It can also help you lose weight, and clear up your skin, even making you appear younger. Drinking water instead of coffee in the afternoon can give you more energy once you get used to it. Adding more water to your deity is so simple to do. Even busy Mums can do it.


If you have managed to find more time for yourself, then you may have time for exercise. Exercise is one thof the best ways you can take care of yourself. Not only does it make you look and feel better, but it can also help prevent the onset of some illnesses and diseases. If you haven’t exercised for a long time, why not try at-home workouts or increase the amount of walking you do. Is it in any way possible to walk to work a couple of times a week? At weekends have family activities such as hiking. Maybe you can enlist some friends to join an even dance class.

Treat Yourself

Every now and again, you are allowed to spend some money on yourself. In fact, you need to show that it is all with it. Whether you love a spa day, a facial, a new haircut and some clothes, or even hot tubs you should indulge. Buying yourself little treats every once in a while is essential to show yourself that you are worth it.

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