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Saving Money When You Love to Spend

So much of the personal financial advice that’s out there in the world, we’ll talk about what you could do to save money rather than spend it. That’s exactly what this article is going to be about. The problem is that most of us love to spend money more than we do love to save it. It makes sense. We work hard all the time, and given the cost of living crisis, knowing that we could spend some of our money on things that we enjoy makes us feel good.

It doesn’t matter whether that money is going to companies such as Buy Vapes Bulk or it’s going on a spa day. The point is that you’re spending it on things you want to spend it on in the first place, rather than things that you don’t, such as bills or rent. It makes sense that you should save your money every time you spend it, which is why things like loyalty cards and reward systems exist. So how can you save money when you love to spend it all the time? Well, we’ve got some suggestions for you below:

1 – Sign up for as many loyalty programs as possible. Whether it’s with your credit card company or with your preferred grocery store. You need to sign up for loyalty programs. Gas stations and coffee shops, and even your local small independent businesses often have loyalty programmes. For as many things as you buy, you can get stamps that lead to a free item, or you might get exclusive offers or discounts. These loyalty programmes then give you points that can be used as cash at the business later on. So for every 10th coffee for example, it might be free.

2 – Make sure that your credit card is cash back. Cash back credit cards help you to save while you spend as well. There are actually a few different ways that you can profit from using a credit card from using it to buy airplane flights so that you can collect miles to gain rewards from paying your bills. Cash back credit cards are a great way to build your points through the year and then use them at Christmas time.

3 – Save while you spend apps. There are plenty of apps out there that will allow you to scan your receipts so that you can build points. It takes some time to do it, but if you consider how many times you nip to the shops or buy your groceries, those are a lot of receipts that will add up. There might not be discounts available in the shops or other apps, but your receipts will help. Eventually you’ll build up enough points to spend it again in store.

4 – Direct debit discounts. If you are paying some of your bills via direct debit rather than cash or a specific day of the month, you’re going to save money. Often companies will give you cash back or a percentage off of your bill if you pay early or if you pay via direct debit. 

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