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Running your business online? Avoid these social media mistakes!

Has lockdown finally pushed you into turning your business dreams into a reality? Whether you’re a small start-up working from your kitchen table or you’re a few years in and you’re looking to expand and start making a profit, you can’t deny that your business and social media go hand in hand. 

Social media is an asset that you can’t ignore – why? Because it allows you to create bridges with clients, build relationships, establish a following, reach out to potential customers and focus on your target audience with just a few simple clicks. 

So, why do so many people get it wrong? Social media can be quite tricky to navigate, especially if you’re new to social media marketing. Here we’ll explore the most common social media mistakes that all online businesses should avoid. 

You’re boring

No offence meant of course. But if your business content is dull, then why would anyone engage with it or even bother having it on their pages in the first place? Failing to post for months at a time or having a severe lack of engaging content on your social media platforms isn’t exactly inspiring. Of course, posting regularly is time-consuming, which is why many online brands utilise help from social media management companies. You can find out more about publishing great content and synchronising all your social media tools by checking out this site.

However, if you do decide to schedule your posts and synchronise your social media platforms, remember to engage with your followers in the comment sections.

The over-sell

Your business, brand or products are amazing and of course, you’re going to be your own number one fan. However, over-selling your business on social media is considered over-kill. Ask yourself why people use social media? It’s usually for entertainment: to socialise with friends and family, or to document their lives, therefore you have to be careful about overselling your business and clogging up newsfeeds with constant ads and promotions. It’s a sure-fire way to turn off potential clients and even alienate the ones you already have. 

Advertising your business is of course recommended, but it’s also advisable to interject your specific advertising with more personal posts, lighthearted images and content that followers want to engage with. 

And finally, you’re paying for followers

Building a large, strong online following is something all online businesses and influencers want. The more followers they have the more trusted and authentic they appear to be. However, it’s not unheard of for influencers to purchase followers in order to inflate their follower numbers and appear more popular than they really are.

It’s worth remembering that people are much savvier when it comes to things like “bots” and “vanity followers” these days. If you have thousands of followers and only a couple of likes or engagements on your posts, you’re going to quickly repel genuine followers and business opportunities! Instead of buying followers, focus on building a strong social media following with a solid social media marketing plan. 

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