Rockery ideas to create the perfect rock garden

Rockeries seem to be back in fashion, and these are a trend that I can definitely get behind. Rock gardens, as they are also called, are an arrangement of rocks and plants, often alpine plants, that create a stunning feature in any garden.

If you are anything like me, you usually forget about your garden during the colder months. The weather is cold, rainy and grey – not welcoming at all. This makes me neglect my garden space, I’m not afraid to say it. Even though I want to change and pay more attention to my garden during this season, I know that I won’t. So, I’m going to make my garden work for me instead, and rockeries are the solution.

Rockeries are low-maintenance gardens that look beautiful all year round. Rock gardens also add depth and dimension to landscapes, being perfect for a flat and dull outdoor space. Plus, this type of garden can also attract a variety of wildlife to your garden. Doesn’t it all sound lovely? So, how to create the perfect rock garden?

Preparation is essential.

Creating rockeries might look easy but preparation and planning is necessary. As this article on the Spruce says, “a good rock garden is by no means achieved by merely putting stones, soil, and plants together. Each component must be carefully selected and then just as carefully arranged in a manner that makes the garden seem natural to the style you choose.”

First choose the area you’re going to be using for the rockery. Make sure it is clean and clear and prepared. It doesn’t need to be level, as rockeries do very well at different heights. Creating steps can minimize the amount of soil you need to clear. Find out how to dispose of soil if you have a lot extra that needs to be removed.

Use local stones.

Mainland Aggregates, decorative stones supplier, recommends choosing local rocks for your rockery as it will help you keep with the natural surroundings. This will give a natural look and feel to your garden and will create the perfect place for local wildlife to thrive. However, there are a variety of other rockery stones you can choose from if you decide to go down a different route. Play around with size, type and colour of the rocks to create a beautifully balanced rock garden.

Build it now.

Now is the perfect time to start building your rockery. The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) recommends creating rockeries during autumn and winter and there is less to do in the garden, and then when spring comes around, you can start planning a variety of plants and flowers for your rockery. Rockeries are also best to create during the colder months as the ground is often soft and damp, making it easier to shift the soil and place rocks.

Start thinking of plants.

Before spring arrives, you should already have an idea of the plants and flowers you want to use in your rockery to complement your chosen rocks and stones. I’d recommend checking what plants naturally grow in the rocky areas of your area if you are going for a natural look. If you want to go for a themed rockery, such as a desert rockery or an alpine rockery, go for plants that suit the theme.

What do you think of rockeries? I know some people love them, some people hate them. My Three and Me recently shared her opinion on rockeries, saying that these “balance the beauty of plants and rocks” and that rockeries “work beautifully next to a water feature”. I agree completely!

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