Road trips vs jet-setting – which to go for

When you start delving into it, there are just so many different ways that you can go on holiday. That being said, two classic options – the road trip vs flying to a single destination – are often deemed as the classics.

If you’re struggling to decide what to do for your next vacation, then you’re in luck. Below, we take a closer look at whether you should get in the car or hop on a plane for your next getaway.

How long do you have?

One of the big factors that will impact which option you should choose is how long you have. Planes obviously go a lot faster than cars, meaning you can get a very long way in not long at all. 

Of course, you can take flights somewhere and then rent a vehicle – there are nice car rental options pretty much anywhere you can imagine in the world. 

But if you just have a few days to relax, it’s worth thinking about how much of that time you’re prepared to spend sitting in a vehicle.

Do you have a car?

Another important factor will be whether you have a car or not. If you already own a car, and there’s somewhere not too far away from where you live that you’d like to visit, then going for a road trip could be a perfect solution.

If you don’t have a car, then it’s important to think about how much car rentals will cost in your area. Depending on your budget and what resources you have access to, you’ll likely have to reconsider what makes the most sense from a financial perspective.

Where are you going?

Road trips only really make sense if your holiday destination is quite beautiful, and if it has good, relatively empty roads. If your destination doesn’t really match those two prerequisites, then you should think twice about your motives for going on a road trip.

The reality of road tripping somewhere with busy roads, bad views, and bad weather can be a lot less romantic than it might seem at first in a movie, and if you don’t get to go away so frequently, it’s definitely an experience worth avoiding.


Lastly, you need to think about whether you can be bothered to sort out multiple accommodation options. 

If you fly somewhere and stay in that destination for a week or so, it’s pretty easy – if you’re constantly on the move however and need to find somewhere different each night, you might not be in for quite as relaxing an experience. 

As you can see, there are a lot of different factors that will need to go into deciding whether you should jet set or road trip. From where it is that you’re going to how hyped you are on changing destinations every day, the two different options will definitely result in very different experiences. If you haven’t tried road-tripping before, give it a shot – if you’re a big fan of driving, it might just be the perfect getaway. 

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