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Review – Having a Terrific Time with Tonka Toys!

William has been absolutely vehicle mad pretty much since he was born. Now he’s three, his favourite types of toys revolve around vehicles and he never gets bored of playing with them. A lot of the toys we have are plastic and don’t stand up well to the trials of a three year old, getting quickly battered and beaten up. Tonka Mighty Metals Fleet (Available on Amazon) is a complete revelation for me in how well built, sturdy and long lasting children’s vehicles can actually be.

The Mighty Metals Fleet is a new size for Tonka, who have been making metal toys since 1955, so are certainly experienced with making kids happy. It has two styles at the moment, the Mighty Dump Truck and a Garbage Truck. Tonka believes that “a toy shouldn’t break just because a child plays with it” and I love that. Toys that last a long time and can be handed down across children and even across generations, are not only fun and good for your wallet, but great for the environment too, since you don’t need to constantly be buying new replacements.

We had one excited little boy as he checked these out!

I especially love the fact that the Tonka Mighty Metals Fleet can be used outdoors. My son loves being outside, whether it’s hot and sunny, or cold, windy and wet, he really doesn’t care. Having some toys that can be played with both indoors and out is super, and I don’t have to worry that they’re going to get broken.

He thinks playing in the dirt with these is so much fun!

He loved building ramps for them, especially over the little waterfall by our garden pond whilst the stone ducks watched.

It goes to show that vehicle toys can be very stimulating and really encourage creative play. Being able to take them outside really opens up the opportunity for role play in different situations, as well as making ramps and playing with nature, such as stones, sticks, leaves and mud.

A lot of vehicle toys are quite small, but these are really the perfect size for a three to six year old. They’re heavy enough to feel sturdy and have a good weight behind them (especially for going down home-made ramps in the garden!), but not too heavy to play with. They can be carried around with ease, but are also compact enough to pack in the suitcase when we go away, as I know the dump truck is going to be William’s toy of choice when we go away next month.

With an RRP of £14.99 and available on Amazon, this feels like really good value for such a long-lasting metal toy.

“We’re going on an adventure!” He told me.

“Where to?” I asked.

“To meet Mr Snail and Mr Squirrel!” I was told…

“Beep Beep,” said Tonka Truck.

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