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Returning to the Office While Gas Prices Rise

Gas prices have gotten out of control, and many people are wondering how to save money elsewhere. One way to decrease driving, and, as a result, save money, is to bike to work. Some companies are still allowing employees to work remotely, but many are expecting their workers to return to the office. If you do not have a commute-worthy bike, it is time to do some shopping around. You will also need the right gear, like a unisex bike helmet, to keep you safe and comfortable.

Consider a Quality Bike for Commuting

Because you will probably be riding your bike almost every day, it is worth getting a quality one. It will not only be able to handle the many miles it will travel, but it will also be comfortable, so you enjoy your commute.

There is a wide variety of bikes from which you can choose. It may seem overwhelming, but to help narrow it down, consider the main terrain you will be going through on the way to work. Is it flat? Hilly? Will you need to take public transportation at some point during the commute? Will you be taking a bike path much of the way?

Hybrid bikes are popular commuting options, as they hold up to a variety of terrains. If you are going to be traveling over flat terrain with some speed, you may want a fitness bike to help the journey go by quickly.

Electric bikes are also gaining in popularity. These are perfect for longer journeys, for those who are not much of a bike rider, and for those who want the journey to be as easy as possible. When you check out womens e bikes for city riding, you can see that you can let the bike to all the work, or you can switch modes so you can get some exercise.

The Bike Gear You Will Need

A helmet is the first thing that every commuter, no matter what type of bike they are riding, needs. If you will be commuting at all when it is dark, or even at dawn/dusk, you should equip your bike with a headlight and reflectors.

More than likely, you will need a good commuter bag. A backpack is a good choice, although other options include handlebar bags, panniers, and under seat bags. The one you choose depends on how much stuff you need to take with you.

If you plan on riding your bike a lot, you will want to have on hand tire repair gear. You may also need an ebikes battery. A bike lock is essential, even if your work provides a storage area, as you never know what types of errands you may want to run after work.

There is no specific outfit to wear while commuting. You may choose to wear your work attire, or you may want to wear more comfortable exercise gear and change into work clothes when you get to the office. You may also want to consider a waterproof jacket, cycling gloves, and eye protection.

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