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Purrfect Pets with Emma from Emma Reed

My Purrfect Pets Series focuses on different bloggers and their families – including their furry family of course! We all have different lives and I find it amazing to get a glimpse into other peoples homes and connect with them on all levels so I put them under the grill and ask them some questions. As a pet lover myself, I’m always keen to investigate how other people are doing it. This is a pet-positive series that any families with a pet of any kind can take part in, send me an email if you’re interested in being the next featured purrfect family!

Today we’re with Emma from Emma Reed. You can follow Emma on Instagram Facebook and Twitter!

She’s also written about her 15 years with her loyal friend which is well worth a read.

Can you tell us a little about the animals you have and your family?

We have our 15-year-old border terrier, Molly and 7-year-old tabby cat, Kit. I found Molly in a local ads paper back when I was 19 and when I arrived to view her she was living in a concrete run in the back garden… there was no way I was leaving without her! She has been with me through so much and is my sidekick in life. We bought Kit to keep our other, older cat company 7 years ago. Unfortunately, he has since died but as Kit is a very independent cat he is quite happy with just having a dog as his companion.

I am married to my husband, Rob and we have one son who will be 4 at Christmas and our second son is due in January. The animals have had to adapt to life with children in them and Molly did have a sulk for a couple of weeks when we first brought Jake home but they are now great friends. The cat can just about tolerate a heavy-footed toddler and tends to keep himself in the quieter areas of the house!

Do you think your children will benefit from growing up in a household with pets?

Yes, definitely. I think pets bring love and affection and teach children the importance of responsibility and looking out for others.

How much extra work do you think is involved every day taking care of your pets?

I don’t tend to notice how much time my pets take up because for me it is enjoyable and the norm. I used to work in a kennels as a teenager so this all comes naturally to me. Now that Molly is older she doesn’t need quite so many walks but even when she needed 3 a day I never saw it as a chore. Pets have always been a part of my life so I don’t know any different.

A border terrier holding a bone chew in his mouth.

What would you say is the most challenging thing about having your pets?

It would have to be when they become ill. There can be very difficult decisions that will need to be made and you never really get over losing any of them.

What would you say is the best thing about having your pets?

The companionship has to be the best thing about having a pet. Molly is a very special dog who has got me through some very dark times after my Mum died, she has been by my side through so much and her loyalty is undeniable. You never feel alone with a pet around.

What would you say the main difference is between having a cat or a dog?

A dog needs you to take full care of them. They rely on you and are very loyal to you because of this. A cat will do as it pleases. Mine comes in for what he needs- food and a cuddle- but will happily go off for hours on a wander. I think both are great qualities to have in a pet.

Do you have any advice for anyone who is thinking about adding pets to their family?

Do your research on the type of pet and the breeds that are out there. I specifically chose a border terrier as they have very few common ailments, are tough little dogs, need plenty of exercise and are a good size. I think too many people pick a dog because it is cute or they have seen one on the telly but then they don’t realise what that breed entails, for example, a greyhound has very thin skin and can end up costing quite a bit at the vets, Cocker spaniels are prone to ear problems etc. You also need to consider the age of your children. Buying a new cat when having a new baby probably isn’t the best idea and neither can be giving a Gerbil to a 2 year old! You need to ensure that the pet you choose can fit in with your family and your lifestyle.

Emma Reed, her son and her border terrier.

A big thank you to Emma from Emma Reed for giving us a glimpse into her life and letting us get to know her family and pets! If you’d like to be the next featured family in this series, drop me an email or a message on Twitter.

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    This series is lots of fun. I love your border terrier, he is so cute! My parents had one growing up and they are real characters.

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