Purrfect Pets with Charlotte from The Mummy Toolbox

My Purrfect Pets Series focuses on different bloggers and their families – including their furry family of course! We all have different lives and I find it amazing to get a glimpse into other peoples homes and connect with them on all levels so I put them under the grill and ask them some questions. As a pet lover myself, I’m always keen to investigate how other people are doing it. This is a pet-positive series that any families with a pet of any kind can take part in, send me an email if you’re interested in being the next featured purrfect family!

Today we’re with Charlotte from The Mummy Toolbox. You can follow Charlotte on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram!

Can you tell us a little about the animals you have and your family?

We are quite a young family and have 4 cats: Zeus & Hades (twins Age 4), Diablo (Age 8) and Phoenix (Age 10) – can you sense a theme! a 5-year-old and a new-born but it doesn’t feel crowded until it comes to bedtime and we are all fighting over the best spot! (the cats usually win.)

I love those names! Do you think your children benefit from growing up in a household with pets?

Definitely! I also think it prepared my 5 year old for the birth of his sister. There are so many things to learn from having boundaries and respecting space (particularly with cats) as well as handling and being gentle with this creature that is smaller than you and learning care responsibility. Also, they have said that children who grow up with pets have stronger immune systems too and my little guy very rarely gets sick so something must be working. Plus, they are cute and fluffy to play with.

A young child hugging a black cat

How much more hectic does it make your day to have 4 cats to look after as well as the family?

It does eek the day out longer when it comes to feeding, changing the water and the litter tray but one of the joys of cats is that they just enjoy being around you and therefore tend to slot themselves in. As I write this I have a cat on my lap (keeping me warm) which means that he’s getting a cuddle but it doesn’t disrupt too much!

A tortoiseshell cat looking over a baby

What would you say is the most challenging thing about having your cats?

The fluff, although we are quite lucky that only one of our cats is long-haired but people don’t realise that shorthairs also moult so it’s a lot of hoovering and we have a special vacuum because of it. The other challenge is finding a place to sit! They always say, if you want to find the best seat in the house, you will have to move the cat and this is 100% true in our house.

A tortoiseshell cat with his paw on a laptop

That’s definitely true about my house too! What would you say is the best thing about having your cats?

The love (and the independence!) They are cute, cuddly and affectionate in the evenings or if I am sitting down which is quite therapeutic. But they also need their space which gives us all some independence and they are fine to be left on their own because they want their space as well.

Do you have any advice for anyone who is thinking about adding a cat to their family?

Cats are more sensitive than you think and can become stressed in a household that changes frequently, has a lot of visitors or not a lot of space. Cats can suit hectic houses as long as they have their own quiet space they can retreat to, if not you could have some serious behavioural issues so it’s just something to consider before getting one!

A big thank you to Charlotte from The Mummy Toolbox for giving us a glimpse into her life and letting us get to know her pawsome kitties! If you’d like to be the next featured family in this series, drop me an email or a message on Twitter.

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    Lovely pics. I grew up with cats and would love my family to get one when we move to a bigger place.

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