Pure Freeze-Dried Cat Food Taste Test!

Having previously reviewed Pure Pet’s Freeze-Dried Dog Food, I was really excited when I found out that Pure also offers a freeze-dried cat food. I really love my pets and their health and diet are incredibly important to me, especially since I know that cats can be prone to kidney and other problems when they get older, which is often dietary related.

Pure offer two flavours of freeze-dried cat food on their website, Surf & Turf and Whisker Lickin’ Chicken (I love that name!). They are suitable for kittens or adult cats and are ideal for those who are fussy and sensitive. 1KG of dried food makes 4KG of wet food so it works out great value and also takes up a very small amount of storage space. With it being a whopping 78% protein and 8% fat, you’ll find they need to consume less than many brands of wet cat food as it contains a lot more nutrients and calories per bite.

An example, the wet brand I’m currently giving her which is a very expensive well-known brand sold in every supermarket, is 13.5% protein and the dry food is 36%. Makes you wonder what on earth they put in there to bulk it up! Since wet food is mostly moisture and the freeze-dried food is mostly meat and protein, you don’t need them to eat the same quantities at all, but you should make sure there is plenty of fresh drinking water available at all times as well. This is also incredibly important if you feed dry food at all, as one of the biggest problems older cats can have is kidney related.

Pure also offers two high-quality treats & toppings on their website – a superfood boost and a low-calorie fish treat.

Meet my Cats

I have two cats, a four year old Snow Bengal called Dawn, and a two-year-old Ragdoll female called Luna. Together with my German Shepherd, Skye, they complete my somewhat celestial trio of pets. Dawn is extremely highly strung and very very fussy. I must have tried 10+ brands from the supermarket. She will not eat dried food, and only the tastiest, smelliest and of course – most expensive – wet food will pass muster for this princess.

Luna is the opposite. She is the most laid back cat in the world, almost to a fault, but that is part of the breed trait. She doesn’t even rush to the food, she saunters up and takes a bite as and when Dawn will allow, which means she most commonly grazes on her dry food throughout the day. Luna is a GCCF registered breeding queen with championship lines, and although I don’t have any plans for a litter or to show her in the immediate future, keeping her in tip-top condition is important.

They have completely opposite personalities, but still get on amazingly well together. I was interested to see what two completely different cats would make of this new cat food.

The Taste Test

Because Dawn is such a nervous cat, I didn’t take any photographs of her eating. Anything unusual and she’s off under the bed. I did leave a bowl of Pure ‘Surf & Turf’ next to her regular cat food and 15 minutes later quite a lot had been eaten! Over the course of the next few days I continued to offer her both (this helps them adjust as you don’t want to switch completely all in one go) and she definitely enjoys the freeze-dried offering.

Luna, the Ragdoll, was on the packaging the very first time I even opened it. In fact, when I tried to snap a photo in my lightbox, she immediately got in the way. It’s not really big enough for photographing cats, so I didn’t get the best shots, but she was determined to be the star as usual!

She was meowing as soon as she caught a whiff and pounced on it greedily. If anything, I’d need to ration her as she could easily get overweight on such a high-quality cat food if allowed to eat  in the quantities she’d like to!

Pure has definitely passed the taste test with my cats, as well as my dog. It’s so good to see a company that clearly cares about healthy, nutritional, high-quality content for pet food. I try to cook natural healthy meals for myself and my family – and my pets should get the same treatment! Visit their website and check out their range of healthy freeze-dried food for cats and dogs.

Note: Pure Pet Food provided me with one box of each flavour as photographed above to trial this food with my cats and share my honest opinion. I was not otherwise compensated for this post.

Do you have a cat? Tell me about them here, and if you’d like to read about other families with pets, check out my Purrfect Pets Interview Series!

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