Protecting your Vinyl Flooring Lifespan

If you are among the many who have installed Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring or are currently looking to install it within the home, you were probably sold on the fact that it offers a lot in terms of safeguards.

However, like everything else you need to take care in certain areas so as not to affect those very protective layers that could lead to ruining sections of your floor. 

To help keep your floor safe and secure for longer, there are a few simple steps that you can take to be sure you keep getting the best life out of your vinyl tiles.

Abrasive Use

Top of the list of things to steer clear of is any detergents that use an abrasive agent – such as mop and shine products. These certain products leave a film over your tile instead of providing a natural shine. This will also greatly affect the anti-slip design that vinyl has on its top layer, meaning accidents can happen when rushing across the room.

At the same time, do not use any abrasive scrubbing tools on vinyl as these can greatly affect the top layer’s anti-scratch safeguard and cause harm to the rest of the flooring afterwards. 

Water Use

Warm soapy water is a great way to keep your Luvanto vinyl flooring clean but you must take care to not drench the product with water.

Avoid large amounts of water on the floor by using an overly wet mop – this will greatly affect the glue bond used to hold down the vinyl. This will cause them to have more chance of coming loose and leaving parts of your floor uneven. Although vinyl is waterproof it cannot take over big amounts of water for long periods and can lead to your corners curling.

Well rung mops or squeezed sponges tend to keep the floor at bay and strong.

Avoid at All Cost

There are some products and fixtures you should not mix with any brand of vinyl flooring.

Never use wax products on vinyl flooring as it does not bond with the protective layers and can lead to greater cleaning being required. A well-cared-for floor would never require waxing, so vinyl does not need for it either.

Whenever you vacuum your floor be sure that you don’t use a beater bar as this too can cause damage to the flooring. When it comes to furniture, you need to be sure that the feet on your sofa sets and tables have felt tips added that prevent harm to vinyl, as rolling casters and rubber soles are prone to cause damage when moved across a vinyl floor.

When choosing luxury vinyl flooring, such as oak herringbone flooring, you should always ask your supplier about extra protective measures you can take with how your household fixtures match up to the product in question. May will have their guidelines in-house they can supply to you to help keep your floor healthy. 

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