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Preschool Educational Fun with Peppa Pig Electronic Learning Toys

Peppa Pig has been a staple in our house since William was a baby and inevitably, he’s wanted Peppa Pig toys to play with. So when we were invited to try out some of the new educational Peppa Pig electronic learning toys made by Trends and available Smyths, we were both pretty happy. He gets to play with Peppa Pig, and I get to feel like he’s learning something new! It’s a win win. I think that combining toys with educational elements like numbers, letters, shapes and colours are a great way of encouraging pre-school development.

At three, William is definitely interested in numbers and letters, but not quite ready for a formal school structure, so toys he can learn from are a great option.

Peppa Pig Smart Phone

Available from Smyths (SRP £9.99), Peppa Pig’s Smart Phone is an interactive phone that lets you call 10 of the characters from the show (including Peppa), so will really appeal to little fans of the show. You can use the quiz key to be asked questions and then answer with the correct number key, and it also does simple sums. There’s a music option with three different songs from the show, and a move button where Peppa encourages you to be active, which I think is a great addition. My son is far more likely to listen to what Peppa tells him to do than me!

William really enjoys this phone. It’s suitable for 18 months+, but I think it has value up to four or even further. At three, his favourite part was actually doing the simple sums and getting them right, but he also enjoyed pretend play, telling me he was going to call Rebecca Rabbit and then having a phone conversation with her. Pretend play is a really great way of encouraging pre-school development as well.

Peppa Laugh & Learn Alphaphonics

Peppa Pig Laugh & Learn Alphaphonics (Available from Smyths SRP £19.99) is a laptop-like toy that has lots of activities to engage pre-schoolers. It has A-Z phonics and objects, different sounds and music. There are quiz questions and challenges to get them thinking. It’s particularly good I think for developing memory, as one of the activities is to copy a sequence. William was glued to it for ages, so it definitely captures the attention. It’s lightweight and portable so this would be ideal for in the car as well. This one is suitable for three plus, so great for older pre-schools and would compliment what they’re learning in nursery.

Other Peppa Pig Toys Available

There are two other learning Peppa Pig toys available at Smyths as well. Peppa Pig Phonic Alphabet (suitable for three plus) is a Peppa shaped toy that will help with a basic knowledge of letters, numbers, colours, phonics, spelling and problem solving using a clever design of play cubes. Peppa Pig Laugh and Learn Laptop (suitable for two plus) is a portable laptop with a flip up lid and four activities that introduce letters, numbers, objects, instruments and colours. This one has a volume control which is always nice to see as a parent and makes it quite good to take when out and about. Both of these are available at £19.99, so on the whole all four electronic learning toys seem like good value for money and very affordable.

At first I wasn’t that keen on Peppa Pig, but I must admit, it has grown on me, and these toys definitely combine the show with important educational elements so I think they’ll be loved by children and appreciated by the parents too! Do your kids watch Peppa Pig and would they benefit from a toy like these? Let me know in the comments.

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