Practical Wardrobe And Beauty Staples You Should Always Keep A Stash Of

As a busy mum, it can be tough to quickly throw together a great outfit for a night out or even just a smart/ casual lunch. 

While you may have nailed practical and stylish clothes for going out and about during the day, if you suddenly get invited on a night out or to a special event, then you need to make sure you’ve always got a ready supply of smart accessories and beauty products nearby.

With the right accessories and a stunning face of makeup, you can transform even a simple outfit into a stunning look. 

Here are some of the items no busy mum should be without to make sure she always looks her best, no matter what the occasion. 

Statement Lipstick

A bright, bold lipstick can make a massive difference to even a simple outfit. When you’re choosing a statement lipstick, go for a bold colour that works with your skin tone and choose a quality product that will last. For everyday looks, you can go with cheaper nude lipsticks or avoid them altogether in favour of lip balm, but for special events, a bold lip can set you apart. It’ll also detract attention away from your outfit, so if it’s something you’ve worn before or it’s simple, you’ll still stand out. Take the time to find the right colour for your statement lip and choose quality products that won’t bleed onto your skin or rub off easily onto cutlery or glasses. 

Replacement Watch Straps

For most busy mums, wearing a watch is essential. Without one, we’d be lost, and we often have our trusty favourites that keep time perfectly and have all the functions we need. Still, these watches can get dirty and don’t always go with everything. A great way to quickly freshen up your look and make sure your watch is always the perfect accessory for every outfit is to keep a selection of spare watch straps on hand. Watch Strap Style offers a wide range of straps to suit almost every brand, shape and size of timepiece, so you can find a selection that works for you. They come in all styles and materials, so whatever you’re looking for, you can find it easily.  

Kitten Heeled Boots

High heels are a great way to make a dramatic sartorial statement and set your outfit apart, but they’re also notoriously uncomfortable and hard to walk in. Smaller heels such as kitten heels can be a great way to enhance your outfit without having to wear painful shoes. So, it would help if you always kept a pair of comfortable small heels in your shoe rack for special occasions. Make sure you take the time to try on the shoes and check that they’re comfortable before you start wearing them on days out, so you don’t get stuck away from home in horrible heels. With the right heels, you can instantly transform an outfit and elevate yourself above your normal height, making others notice you right away. 

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